Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Dance

Sometimes there are moments that start spontaneously, that we enjoy so much, we set the button on repeat, to relive it again and again.

And these are how traditions are started.

We are collecting more and more of these little repeat moments, these traditions, as our family grows in love, as we carve out our together identity.

So we dance. Almost every night after dinner, we either put on some fun, danceable music, or worship music. Regardless of music choice, as we dance, and laugh, and are is worship. And I imagine know that God is laughing and dancing over we love and enjoy each other; a little bit of heaven opening up on this hurting, broken world. And I know we are living. Really living.

And if life is made up of moments, these are the kind I want to fill up my life.

Just dance.

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