Sunday, August 28, 2011

Learning at Home: Colors, Part One

Hey ya'll! Here is a sample week of what Learning at Home looks like for us. For the introduction to this feature, check out this post. These activities our tailored towards my daughter's current developmental stage. At fourteen months old, she is considered a young toddler. This week was "Colors." Okay here goes...


Some of our books for the week:

"Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh is one of my all time favorites and is a great way to introduce the idea of color mixing to kids.
I just discovered "A Color of His Own" by Leo Lionni and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Adoration was especially drawn to this book. Look for books that seem appropriate and enjoyable for the developmental stage your child is in!


As I mentioned in the intro, "Something New" are just new things I add to Adoration's environment. For this week, we had color baskets. A different color for each day. I just shopped around our house for items that went with whatever the color was for the day. This day was "Orange" day. Some of the items in this basket are just pieces of Adoration's toys, cd slipcovers, and an actual orange. Her favorite thing to play with by far was the orange!


Our first sensory activity was "Making Soup."
a big pot
a stirring spoon
colorful items that both float and sink. We used foam shapes and magnetic alphabet letters.

I showed Adoration how to stir the pot and then just let her play as she liked! I pointed out how some items floated and some were on the bottom of the pot. Every time she picked up one of the shapes or letters I would say the color.

Aside from being a sensory stimulus, this activity is a very early introduction to the concepts of floating, sinking, and the mass of objects. It also encourages motor development.

Adjustment/alternatives for different ages:

for babies:
use a container that allows the baby to sit in the water, or you could even hold your babies feet into the water. Let them kick and splash and play! They will have fun playing in the water and trying to grasp the objects (which is great for their fine motor development!) As they play talk about how the water feels and the colors of the objects.

for preschool ages:
For older children, you can extend this concept farther. Make an experiment out of it.
Have your child guess what objects will float and which objects will sink. Put the objects in the water and find out! Have your child name the colors he sees. And just let them play! Have bowls to "serve" the soup in. Your preschooler will love serving you some soup and watching you pretend to eat it!
Our second sensory activity was "Rice Play."
optional food coloring (I added some color to the rice to add interest.)
measuring cups, spoons, funnels, and a muffin pan.

Just let them play, and watch to make sure they don't eat it! Adoration particularly liked grabbing fistfuls of the rice and filling up the muffin tin and cups.

Encourages fine motor development. Early introduction to the concept of volume.

Adjustment/alternatives for different ages:
for babies:
pour the rice over their little feet, let them grab the rice with their hands(just be diligent about making sure it stays clear of their mouths!) Babies will enjoy exploring this new texture.
activity can stay the same for older children. If you want, you can hide small objects in the rice, for them to find!

Okay, so those were our Reading, Something New, and Sensory Activities for our "Colors" week. Pretty simple, right? Hope this gives you some inspiration! Tomorrow, I will show you our Games and our Art activities! Also, I didn't include the area of Music in the intro, but it's also an important part of our weekly learning. It's just never "planned" for us. We just always have music/singing/dancing/banging on instruments time in our household and I encourage you to do the same if you don't already!

and a note on certain learning activities:

Not every child likes every activity, so don't be too sad if they decide that they hate something! Some children can be sensory "sensitive." For example, Adoration doesn't like sudden, loud noises. Some children may not like the texture of certain things or getting messy. As you do these things, you will learn your child's preferences and maybe certain things to steer away from!
Also, it's okay if your child does something with the activity other than what was "planned." That is part of the beauty of exploration. For example, during our "Making Soup" activity, Adoration gave up stirring the pot, and started taking all the little objects out of the pot and walking around with them. No problem! Rather than make her sit down and play in the water, I just let her take the activity into her own hands.

Stay tuned for Part Two!


  1. Love it! I have been so excited about these posts from you. We have already started our "learning at home"! Please keep doing these posts!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! i LOOOOOVE this post! i'm reposting this tomorrow!!!!! PLEASE keep making these k! yay! i can't wait to try this out with kael!


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