Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning at Home: Colors, Part Two

Here is Part Two to our colors week! For part one, go here.


Our first game was "Post-it Note Colors."

colorful post-it notes

Stick different colored post-it notes to different parts of your body. Let your child have fun pulling them off. As they pull off each post it, name the color and the part of the body they took it from.

Adoration thought it was pretty hilarious that I covered myself in these post-its. I peeled one off for her, so she knew she could take them off. I asked her to help me get the post-its off! As she took off a post-it, I would say, "That is the color green! You took the color green off myarm."She also thought it was fun to put the post-its back on!

Helps your child recognize colors and the names of body parts.

Adjustments/Alternatives for different ages:
for babies: Try putting the post-its on your baby. Name the color and body part as you put the post-it on.

for older toddlers/preschoolers:

Have them help you take the post-its off of you. Have them name the color and body part as they take the post-its off. Or try having them take off just one color at a time, "Can you find all of the blue post-its and help me take them off?"

We also played "Flashlight Colors."

different colored clothes, fabric, or scarves

Go into a dark room for this activity. Shine the flashlight through the scarves to make different
colors! Name each new color as you do it. We also put on some music, and made patterns on the ceiling with the light to the tempo of the music. Adoration was pretty mesmerized. We also did shadow puppets which she loved.

Light vs. dark. colors.

Adjustment for different ages:
for babies: lay on your back with the baby and make patterns with the light on the ceiling to music. Babies love this stuff.
preschoolers: Have them name the colors. Let them hold and play with the flashlight. Have them alternate moving the flashlight from slow to fast.


Bubble-wrap Painting

washable, non-toxic paint or fingerpaint
bubble-wrap (I just got a couple of free packing envelopes from an office store for free. I cut out squares and she painted on the bubble side.)

Tape the bubble wrap on to a high chair tray or a table (if an older child) so it doesn't slide around. Squirt some paint on there and let them get messy! We did red and blue to mix purple. The bubble wrap adds a interesting sensory element to the activity.

Color mixing.

Adjustment/Alternates for different ages:
You don't really need to adjust for either older or younger. Babies will try to eat it though, so watch out! Getting a little in their mouths won't hurt them though. Adoration has been painting since she was three months old! We would just stick her in a bumbo and let her paint on the tray.

*painting trick: for regular painting on paper, if you don't want to have to tape paper down, just let them paint directly on the tray. When they are done, just press a piece of paper down on the tray and lift it back up, you will have a mirror image on the paper!

"Mouse Paint" Footprint Painting
In the book "Mouse Paint," three mice on a long white sheet of paper stumble upon some paint, paint the paper, and walk all over it with their wet painted paws. So we did the same thing! We read the book before doing the activity.

white banner paper (you can get this at office supply stores, teaching supply stores, Target, and even ikea.)
washable paint or fingerpaint

Spread out a long "runway" of paper. Tape it down (so it won't slide.)
Dip your lil' ones feet into the paint and let them walk down the paper! They will leave colorful footprints behind.
I held Adoration's hands as she walked down the paper to help guide her. Then I put my feet in a different color and put my footprints down too! I wanted her to see the difference between the size of our feet. She walked around our patio a bit in messy feet and I just hosed it down. Washable paint washes right off!

Obviously, babies can't do the walking part, but you can still make some footprints!

Our footprints, on display. (Cut up for display purposes.)

For now, I'll be doing these "Learning at Home" posts every other week. I'll plan on doing Part One of our sample learning weeks on Sundays and Part Two on Mondays.
So that was Colors week! Hope ya'll got some ideas! Have fun trying them with your lil' ones. I would love to hear how they go!


  1. love these! so inspiring. i can't wait to do some of these with micah bean soon!

  2. Love this! Very inspiring to try out with my Anna love who is 4 months old. Thank you for posting. :)

  3. I tried the Bubble-Wrap Painting with Micah and Yarah. I posted it on my blog Creative Motherhood. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Hi there! I know I'm a little late in commenting on this post, but I absolutely LOVE your learning at home ideas. Thanks for sharing. I'm the mother of a 16 month old little girl, and a huge advocate for creativity/learning at home. Been researching homeschooling/montessori method too. I can't wait to try these ideas out w/ her :)

    A new follower,


    1. Thanks Julie! Welcome to the blog!
      I'm a big advocate of learning through play.....and anything that keeps them exploring the world instead of plopped in front of a tv. ;)


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