Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrift-tastic and a Poll

I checked out the local Goodwill here recently. And you know what I discovered? South Florida thrifting is like hitting the thrifting jackpot. There are lots of retired folk here and when they go to the great beyond they leave lots and lots of stuff behind. Lots of stuff.

I walked into the Goodwill and my eyes opened up really wide, trying to take in everything. I think I even heard angels singing or something. My purpose of the trip was to try and find some milk glass (I collect it.) They had a couple of pieces, but they were pieces I already had, so no milk glass this trip.

I did get some other goodies though. I refrained from a lot of amazing finds because I am a anti-hoarder. So I try to stick to stuff that I need/love/have room for. Here is what I ended up walking away with:

a vintage enameled teapot! Isn't it so cute?

A Melissa & Doug Noah's Ark shape sorter in pristine condition.
for $3! It would've been $30 new.
some of the cutey animals.
and my favorite find; this book from the 1970's.
Isn't the artwork gorgeous?
Best illustrations ever.
There is a bird counting rhyme I'm tearing out and framing to go in Adoration's room. It's too pretty to not be on a wall! Normally I would feel horrible about tearing pages out of a book, but a couple pages are scribbled on, devaluing the book.The ABC's section is in perfect condition and is my favorite section of the whole book so it will be staying as is.

So those were my finds! I think I made out pretty well. Now if only I can find that 1950's/60's dollhouse (my dream thrifting find.)

In other news, I'm thinking of adding a new feature on this blog, and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have a child and family development background and worked as a preschool teacher before making the switch to stay-at-home mama. I've always incorporated learning activities into Adoration's days. But just recently I've become more focused with her. She is at an age where she gets bored more easily. Her little growing brain needs stimulation, exploration, and new activities. I've started planning lessons for our weeks just like I would sit down and plan out a week for my preschool classes. I incorporate the "lessons" into our normal schedule. It's basically an arsenal of stimulating activities, art projects, and sensory experiences for the week to keep Adoration occupied. I've found since I've started planning a little more instead of just going on the fly all the time our days feel a lot more purposeful and Adoration is more content.

Sound intense? It's not. Young children learn primarily through play and exploration, so these activities are super easy to incorporate into everyday life. Most of them utilize stuff you already have around the house, and they can be adapted for a variety of ages.

So I'm thinking of doing a feature, where I show you some of our activities from our week. Would that be something ya'll would interested in or find helpful? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I am so jealous of your thrift store finds. I have heard tell of this Florida thrift store awesomeness before. Obviously when I come visit I will bring an extra suitcase full of Trader Joes for you, and then fill it up with thrift store stuff to bring home. :) Perfection!

  2. I WOULD LOOOOOVE you to start that feature kristina!!!! it would be SO helpful and inspiring!

    and goooooodness graciousness! ...your thifts! eeeeee!!!! <3

  3. Yes! I would love to see the kinds of activies you come up with. My son is about the same age as your daughter and I really need to start doing activities with him that helps him to learn, not just to occupy time.

  4. um yes please! I struggle with knowing what to do all day with Anna... especially since we don't have a car and are sort of stuck inside with the heat factor. I end up just carrying her around a lot of the time! You should indicate what ages the activities are generally for (and if they can be tweaked a little for younger/older infants).

  5. Yes please do! My son is 15 months and I feel like he is so bored but I just don't know how to occupy his time! You can only build so many towers and watch so much Elmo! :)

  6. we have that fun! would love to see your pre-school learning ideas kristina!

  7. Yes please! how helpful!

  8. Sounds wonderful..would love to see what kind of things you do!

  9. Yes, please do share. I work full time and my son goes to daycare, but my husband really want to get some ideas on how to maximize learning time on the weekends.

  10. My name is spelled Kristina, too! What an amazing deal you got on that Melissa + Doug ark set...I just love their stuff and so do my kiddos...=)
    Kristina J.

  11. First, LOVE the thrift finds! Second, I would LOVE to hear about your educational activities! I have lots of love for Lorien and am a learner myself, so I think I'm a teacher by nature, but I by no means have a background in children. Or education. Or educating children. :) So a feature on this topic would be wonderful!

  12. a great big YES to that question! I'm an early childhood educator too, I've worked in daycares/preschools for the past 5 years. I'd love to garner ideas from you :D

  13. yes! i want to hear all about your lessons. and you scored at Goodwill. so awesome!


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