Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When Your Young.

Jess already blogged this, but it's so good, I have to share it too. Gotta support our peeps. ;)

If you haven't discovered Matrimony yet, allow me to introduce you. They are out of my former home, Charlotte, NC. In Charlotte, there were lots of people who were a lot cooler than me. Ashley, the female vocal/keyboardist, of this band was one of those people. We were part of the same wives group and not only is she super cool/creative/talented, she is really, really sweet. Just the sweetest.

But anyways, this band is kinda a big deal. And they are probably gonna be an even bigger deal. So now you can fall in love with them and when they are that bigger deal, you can be like, "yeah, I listened to them before they got all big and stuff." And then you can be that person who is cooler than everybody else.

Right now, you can download their new single for FREE. So go do that, HERE. And now watch this video. Because it is awesome and it will make you want to dance around. And it reminds me of Charlotte. *tear*

Matrimony | Obey Your Guns from Crown Alley Films on Vimeo.

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