Friday, September 30, 2011

Stop and smell the roses (even on a rainy day.)

The other day, it was overcast and rainy and we decided to head out for dinner. Despite the rain fogging up my camera lens, I just had to snap some pics of the patoot. I mean...she had on rolled up skinny jeans AND her tiny TOMS.
Adoration just loves getting to walk all by herself. Just like with her crawling, she walks with "personality." Every time I let her loose, she stops every couple of enthusiastic steps to exclaim over a lizard, or a flower, or a speck or dirt...pretty much anything! She brings new meaning to the the phrase, "stop and smell the roses." It's so easy to rush from one thing to the next in our days but Adoration, in a very literal way, makes me stop and take notice of the world around me. Even a trip down the sidewalk to the car with this little explorer, encourages me to open my eyes a little wider, and appreciate the goodness around me. That there are things to be thankful for even on a rainy day.

My dear little Adoration, patootie face, toot toot,

Thank you for always keeping me in the moment.

I love you and a thousand kisses,
your Mama

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Zara, why?

I'm totally smitten over the Zara baby/kid girl clothes. Just smitten.

I want it all, I tell you! In reality, I will probably wait till this stuff goes on sale, then wait until it goes on extra sale, then think about maybe buying something (wait...does Zara even HAVE sales?). Oh, but I'm tempted. I mean...can you just imagine these little shorts with some tights and these shoes on my cute little toot? 

Or this skirt with these little boots? 

......and some other faves. 

all photos from Zara
Why do you have to do it, Zara? Why do you have to make tiny clothes
so darn cute? 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been an eventful two weeks filled with busyness, sickness, and real life. A spontaneous blogging break was the result. It felt good to "unplug" so to speak. I'm not a very "plugged" in person anyways (no smart phone for me yet! all iphone pictures are courtesy of my hubby's phone) but sometimes even the little I am plugged in feels kind of overwhelming.  

Like I said, we've had some sickness too. Adoration hardly ever gets sick and when I think she's sick, it usually ends up being teething. So last week when her nose started running, I figured it was teething. Then she got worse and turns out her "teething" was a cold. Then she got better and passed that nasty cold on to me. Then I got better and it was the weekend. Then on Monday, Adoration's nose started running again, paired with a mild fever. I figured that this time, she surely must be teething because she just had a cold. Then her mild fever turned into a kinda scary, high fever that lasted over three days (thank God for baby Tylenol!) Then her fever abruptly ended and she developed this weird rash that covered her back, chest, and stomach. Turned out she had Roseola. All that sickness paired combined with a hubby who was extremely busy/working super-long hours = one tired mama. Props to the single mama's out there. I don't know how you do it. Ya'll should get a prize every day of your life.  

my ride: mother-in-law's old bike. the bike's name/brand is called "Free Spirit,"
which I think is pretty awesome. I like to pretend I am a hippie when I ride it.
Actually, I pretty much always like to pretend that I am a hippie. 

at Five Guys: gotta represent Georgia on Football Saturday. 

"mama, these french fries are pretty good!"

 All of that mess is behind us now and we celebrated with a relaxing weekend. Moving to Florida has been a mixed bag emotionally for me. I miss my friends and I miss the "South." It's been a little bit of culture shock moving down here (a blog on this later.) One thing I love about our new south Florida home though, is that weekends kinda feel like mini-vacations.

This Saturday we took a family bike ride. We rode to the local library/ Adoration's book heaven to return some books. Then we rode over to Five Guys for some greasy burgers and fries. Sat evening, some friends came over to babysit so me and the hubs could go on a much needed date. We saw Moneyball, which I would highly recommend. I don't even like baseball and I still thought the movie was awesome. Why would you go see a movie about baseball if you don't like baseball, you ask? Well, I don't know (Brad Pitt,) the preview just grabbed my attention for some reason (Brad Pitt,) the critics gave the movie such good reviews (Brad Pitt,) and it had a cast of exceptional actors (Brad Pitt,) so I figured the movie must be worth going to see. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. I even cried twice. In a baseball movie. I cried. 

So anyways, I'm back! I'll try to do better at blogging. Oh and I plan on still doing the "Learning at Home" feature but after some thought, I've decided to scrap the sample, weekly lesson plans. It's a lot of work trying to document all our activities. Instead I'll just post one activity idea a week. That should be easier for me, and less overwhelming for you to read!



Friday, September 9, 2011

Sea Lillie Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the Eve necklace from Sea Lillie is

 Jolene!  Yay Jolene!!! 
(Jolene is one of my long lost college friends who moved all the way to Texas
and just had a B-A-B-Y. so I'm pretty excited she won this one.)

Just in case ya'll are wondering I use a random number generator to choose the winner. If you had more than
one entry, you got thrown in the pot twice. 

Thank you Sea Lillie for sponsoring the giveaway! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Some of my recent thrifting finds: 

a globe! I've been wanting a globe to go on one of the shelves in our
living room. The colors of this one were just perfect! I love that it's quality too.
No plastic parts. This baby was $5. 

A whole set of  vintage children's books, circa 1959. 79 cents each.

milk glass to add to my collection. $1 each. 

these sweet mugs, made in Scotland. $1 each.

On this trip I also picked up a set of eight white, linen, embroidered cloth napkins.
And a Mexican-looking, gypsy/hippie dress. (I've been on the look-out for one.) for $4! 

Seriously, ya'll, there is some good thrifting down here. There is so much stuff I just have to pass by because I don't need it! Maybe I should start a store or something. ;) 

and don't forget to enter the Giveaway

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspired to See

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Yesterday I went and saw the Help (which was sooo good.) One of the previews before the movie just gripped me though, and I wanted to share it. Who knows if the movie will be good, but something about the movie trailer just got to me. I totally started tearing up watching it.

Maybe it's because, people very dear to my heart, struggle with infertility and long for a child of their own.

Maybe it's just the feeling of awe, joy, and child-likeness conveyed by this trailer.

I don't know...whatever it made me want to see this movie:

And don't forget to enter the Giveway!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

14 months

At fourteen months, Adoration is doing something new, pretty much, like everyday. Such as: saying new words, trying to climb new, dangerous things, and you know, finding new ways to be really cute. She is good at that.
She also has been completely weaned for the past couple weeks. It happened so suddenly. One day she couldn't LIVE without that last morning feeding, the next day she was like, "What? I used to breastfeed? I don't remember."
Oh...and she is obsessed with books. It's all my fault, really. Yet another kid in the Garrett line (my maiden name) destined to be obsessed with books for the rest of their lives.

Dear Adoration,

I will be spend my whole life trying to find new ways to tell you how amazing you are. One day you might pretend to be annoyed by it, rolling your teenage eyes, as I gush over your awesomeness. But I know....I know, deep down, you are eating it up. So if that happens, I will ignore your rolling eyes, and continue to declare to the world all the reasons I am in love with you. These are my rights, as your mother. Just thought I should warn you now.

a thousand kisses,

your Mama.

Happy Labor Day weekend, ya'll! Don't forget to enter the Giveaway

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sea Lillie Giveaway!

Oh happy day, it's a Giveaway!


Sea Lillie is a nature inspired jewelry company, run by my new friend, Nicole Antolino and her sister-in-law, Kaela Antolino. I love the elegant simplicity of their line, and I think they make perfect gifts for girlfriends!

They are giving away their gold "Eve" necklace.
A 16k gold-plated apple slice hangs from a 14k gold-filled chain.
Isn't it just the sweetest? Don't you want it to be your's?

They are having a 10 % back-to-school sale this Friday through Monday! woohoo!

Here are some of my personal favorites:
these beauties are on sale too!

the "Hope" necklace.100 % of the sale goes to benefit The Give Life Project, an initiative
in Zambia, Africa. I just love little elephants...and I love companies with a heart.

Okay, here is what you need to do to enter the Giveaway for the "Eve" necklace.
for one entry:
  1. Visit Sea Lillie's Etsy Shop
  2. Leave a comment on my blog, telling me your favorite Sea Lillie item, along with your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win!)

for an extra entry:

Become a follower of Sea Lillie's blog (and let me know.)
(I love the "treasuries" they do on their blog. They curate the prettiest collections of Etsy items that are a great source to help you find the "good stuff" on Etsy.

for an extra, extra entry:

Share this giveaway with your friends on your own blog, linking it back
to Altogether Beautiful.

Thank you Sea Lillie for sponsoring this Giveaway.
I'll announce the winner next Thursday!

Light is pretty.

The other evening, I noticed the light was shining on this patch of flowers outside my house in just the prettiest way. I grabbed my camera and took a couple pics. I haven't taken pictures just for fun in a long time and my heart was so happy as I lay in the grass, clicking away. note to self: do this more often.

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