Saturday, September 3, 2011

14 months

At fourteen months, Adoration is doing something new, pretty much, like everyday. Such as: saying new words, trying to climb new, dangerous things, and you know, finding new ways to be really cute. She is good at that.
She also has been completely weaned for the past couple weeks. It happened so suddenly. One day she couldn't LIVE without that last morning feeding, the next day she was like, "What? I used to breastfeed? I don't remember."
Oh...and she is obsessed with books. It's all my fault, really. Yet another kid in the Garrett line (my maiden name) destined to be obsessed with books for the rest of their lives.

Dear Adoration,

I will be spend my whole life trying to find new ways to tell you how amazing you are. One day you might pretend to be annoyed by it, rolling your teenage eyes, as I gush over your awesomeness. But I know....I know, deep down, you are eating it up. So if that happens, I will ignore your rolling eyes, and continue to declare to the world all the reasons I am in love with you. These are my rights, as your mother. Just thought I should warn you now.

a thousand kisses,

your Mama.

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  1. You'll have to let James know that in the Cutest Booty Competition in that top picture...he lost really, really bad. So sorry, try again next time.

  2. There's a first time for everything, Erika.

  3. hey! i recognize that bathing suit! glad it's getting some good south florida use!


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