Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspired to See

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Yesterday I went and saw the Help (which was sooo good.) One of the previews before the movie just gripped me though, and I wanted to share it. Who knows if the movie will be good, but something about the movie trailer just got to me. I totally started tearing up watching it.

Maybe it's because, people very dear to my heart, struggle with infertility and long for a child of their own.

Maybe it's just the feeling of awe, joy, and child-likeness conveyed by this trailer.

I don't know...whatever it made me want to see this movie:

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  1. Yeah!!! When Mollyanne and I went to see the Help, I was also intrigued by the trailer. I can't decide if it's going to be really good or just...odd. But I was definitely getting chills.

  2. hey! i just watched the help the other day, and saw the exact same trailer! It does look really good.

  3. wow. ok. i was tearing up too. :) i'm glad you posted this, because i don't watch much tv and i never know what's new. and that movie looks like one i'd want to see.

  4. That looks really good. Thanks for sharing. We don't have cable, so I never get to see any trailers to know what is coming out.

  5. It looks good! I want to see it.


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