Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been an eventful two weeks filled with busyness, sickness, and real life. A spontaneous blogging break was the result. It felt good to "unplug" so to speak. I'm not a very "plugged" in person anyways (no smart phone for me yet! all iphone pictures are courtesy of my hubby's phone) but sometimes even the little I am plugged in feels kind of overwhelming.  

Like I said, we've had some sickness too. Adoration hardly ever gets sick and when I think she's sick, it usually ends up being teething. So last week when her nose started running, I figured it was teething. Then she got worse and turns out her "teething" was a cold. Then she got better and passed that nasty cold on to me. Then I got better and it was the weekend. Then on Monday, Adoration's nose started running again, paired with a mild fever. I figured that this time, she surely must be teething because she just had a cold. Then her mild fever turned into a kinda scary, high fever that lasted over three days (thank God for baby Tylenol!) Then her fever abruptly ended and she developed this weird rash that covered her back, chest, and stomach. Turned out she had Roseola. All that sickness paired combined with a hubby who was extremely busy/working super-long hours = one tired mama. Props to the single mama's out there. I don't know how you do it. Ya'll should get a prize every day of your life.  

my ride: mother-in-law's old bike. the bike's name/brand is called "Free Spirit,"
which I think is pretty awesome. I like to pretend I am a hippie when I ride it.
Actually, I pretty much always like to pretend that I am a hippie. 

at Five Guys: gotta represent Georgia on Football Saturday. 

"mama, these french fries are pretty good!"

 All of that mess is behind us now and we celebrated with a relaxing weekend. Moving to Florida has been a mixed bag emotionally for me. I miss my friends and I miss the "South." It's been a little bit of culture shock moving down here (a blog on this later.) One thing I love about our new south Florida home though, is that weekends kinda feel like mini-vacations.

This Saturday we took a family bike ride. We rode to the local library/ Adoration's book heaven to return some books. Then we rode over to Five Guys for some greasy burgers and fries. Sat evening, some friends came over to babysit so me and the hubs could go on a much needed date. We saw Moneyball, which I would highly recommend. I don't even like baseball and I still thought the movie was awesome. Why would you go see a movie about baseball if you don't like baseball, you ask? Well, I don't know (Brad Pitt,) the preview just grabbed my attention for some reason (Brad Pitt,) the critics gave the movie such good reviews (Brad Pitt,) and it had a cast of exceptional actors (Brad Pitt,) so I figured the movie must be worth going to see. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. I even cried twice. In a baseball movie. I cried. 

So anyways, I'm back! I'll try to do better at blogging. Oh and I plan on still doing the "Learning at Home" feature but after some thought, I've decided to scrap the sample, weekly lesson plans. It's a lot of work trying to document all our activities. Instead I'll just post one activity idea a week. That should be easier for me, and less overwhelming for you to read!




  1. Glad you're back! I've missed reading ....and I'm happy she's feeling better! ;D

  2. i hope everyone is feeling better!

    you look beautiful, by the way. :)

  3. Boo for the sickness, cheer for Mary's sweet bike. Thanks for making me want to go see that movie, also. Sounds like the plot (Brad Pitt) was really compelling. :)

  4. The historical element (Brad Pitt) really was awesome. - James

  5. Haven't heard of that film, but will look out for it as this Friday as we are having a movie night. Thanks for the tip and double boo for the sickness.


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