Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Some of my recent thrifting finds: 

a globe! I've been wanting a globe to go on one of the shelves in our
living room. The colors of this one were just perfect! I love that it's quality too.
No plastic parts. This baby was $5. 

A whole set of  vintage children's books, circa 1959. 79 cents each.

milk glass to add to my collection. $1 each. 

these sweet mugs, made in Scotland. $1 each.

On this trip I also picked up a set of eight white, linen, embroidered cloth napkins.
And a Mexican-looking, gypsy/hippie dress. (I've been on the look-out for one.) for $4! 

Seriously, ya'll, there is some good thrifting down here. There is so much stuff I just have to pass by because I don't need it! Maybe I should start a store or something. ;) 

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  1. Awesome! I got a globe a few weeks ago at our local thrift shop (although mine was $10, which I thought was awesome until I saw you got yours for $5 ha!) Love finding treasures like these

  2. that globe is amazing-adore the wooden base.

  3. globe-oh my gosh.

    store-yes please!

  4. I went to the thrift store yesterday too. I go once a week. I love getting toys there. I have been wanting a globe too...good find!

  5. These are beautiful! I love your blog :) x

  6. oh man, those mugs are to die for... everything old is new again.

  7. I love the Globes! I'm always looking. Only have 2 now and one is plastic..yech

  8. I really like ur blog! the pics are beautiful :3
    seems like we're into the same things :3

  9. Thanks for the sweet words everyone!

  10. love, love, love that globe! what a great find. i've been looking for one too. so i'm thinking that we need to make a thrifting/beach trip down to see you guys!!

  11. Nothing better than finding something awesome and vintage for pennies, loooove thrifting! Great fins, momma!

  12. wow amazing finds!! i love the globe!


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