Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning at Home: Autumn Activities

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for learning activities. I thought I would give ya'll a whole bunch of Fall themed ideas so you can pick and choose activities you might want to try out during this season with your little's.  

1. Go on a Nature Walk. Bring a bucket and collect leaves, pinecones, etc.
(Adoration loves doing this. It's so cute watching her find little treasures for her bucket.)

2. Make a leaf collage using the leaves you found on your nature walk.
Just let your little place the leaves on the sticky side of contact paper.
Put another piece of contact paper stick-side down to seal it. 

3. A felt Jack-o-Lantern activity. Cut out pumpkins, eyes, noses, and mouths out of felt.
Let your little's make faces on the felt. Help guide younger toddler's (like my little) with directions like, "Where do the eye's go?" You can also draw the shapes onto the felt pumpkin to match
the felt shapes (like a puzzle.) 

4. Hide and Seek Pumpkin Game. "Hide" a small pumpkin for your toddler to find. For younger toddler's hide it in plain view, even while they are watching. For example, place it on top of a chair, or under a table. Ask "where is the pumpkin?" When the pick it up, say, "the pumpkin was on top of the chair! " or "it was inside the basket!"This will help them learn spatial directions. 

5. Toddler-friendly Pumpkin Decorating. You can have your little's paint the pumpkins of course, but to add a little something extra, I love this idea via Young House Love. Make monograms/faces/designs using painters tape. When you pull the tape up after the paint has dried, you will have the design on your pumpkin! For more detailed instructions visit Young House Love.  

Toddler-friendly Pumpkin Option #2. Let your toddler go to town sticking foam stickers onto a pumpkin.   (Peel the backs off for toddler, preschoolers can peel the backs off themselves.) 
6. Big or Small? Pumpkin Game. Place a large pumpkin and a small pumpkin next to each other. Ask your toddler to place the sticky note on the big or the small pumpkin. Model it a couple times before you ask them to do it. Emphasize the size as you place a sticky note on the pumpkin, "This is the SMALL pumpkin."  Then ask them to do it, "Can you put the paper on the SMALL pumpkin?" This helps them learn sizes. 

7. Fall Themed Sensory Materials
To put in a large rectangular tupperware or metal baking dish. (or a sensory table if you have one!) 
A.) split peas (uncooked,) containers, red pom poms (to represent apples,) real red apples. Also bowls/containers, spoons .  
B. Fall Leaves, a mini rake, shovels, buckets.
C. beans (uncooked), pine cones (not the spiky kind) small pumpkins/gourds, acorns.
Just suggestions, get creative! 

Have Fun! Happy Fall ya'll! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful Life


I really do love my life. Just like every one, my life is far from perfect. It is not a fairy tale. A blog is a funny thing because it can make people's lives look perfect. The truth is: this world is broken and we are all broken in it. My life is no exception. But I want to live with my eyes wide open to see the beauty despite the heartache and pain that weaves itself through this temporal life. I don't just want to see it, I want to create it, and to look at broken things/people/places and call the Beauty forth out of it that lies underneath. But most of all, I want to live with a grateful heart. 
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Recent snippets of my imperfect, yet beautiful life. (via instagram: and yes, I have an iphone! hurrah! )

found feathers.
                                                                     hubby loves me.
                                                                      pumpkin drum.
                                                                         old doors.
                                                                         not orange.
                                                                       tiny moccasins.
                                                                       yummy Cuban.
                                                                          my heart.
                                                                         sweet rest.
                                                                       this face.
                                                                         cozy nook.
                                                                          my little.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A True Story:
Sometimes we get dressed in the morning and I realize I have accidentally dressed us like twinsies (as in, coordinating outfits.) 

Another True Story:
Sometimes we get dressed in the morning and I knowingly and purposefully dress us like twinsies.

This reminds me of being 11 years old when dressing exactly like my best friend was sooo cool. At some point (probably after being mocked by an upperclassmen) I decided being twinsies with someone was, in fact, NOT cool.  Well folks, at 28 years of age, I have come full circle. Just like the 11 year old inside of me has known all along, being twinsies is pretty darn awesome. Especially when being twinsies with someone means you have a mini-me. 

and here I am, with my very own mini-me. Glory. 

little model. can'
And just in case you care...
on Mama: 
dress: H&M (I was wearing a skinny belt with it, so you could see I had a waist, but for comfort reasons I took it off and forgot to put it back on for these pictures. C'est la vie.
scarf: Urban (on sale, cause that's how we roll.)
cowboy boots: My old faithfuls. thrifted

on Patootie:
sweater: hand-me-down
top: Target clearance
shorts: second hand
moccasin boots: Minnetonka 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Learning at Home: Painting for Babies.

The Mohawk days. Adoration at three months. 
Painting can be such a wonderfully stimulating, sensory experience for babies. A lot of people are wary of introducing painting to their babies though.  Rightly so, because the little patooties like to stick everything in their mouths, and you don't want them licking paint off their hands. So a way to solve that problem and still introduce the experience of painting to babies is through using edible paint.

Jello Finger paint: 
Jello Powder
boiling water

Slowly just enough boiling water(constantly stirring) to the jello powder to make a thick, gooey consistency. Add ice to thicken and cool down the jello quickly. Use when cool

This is totally edible but you still don't want your baby eating it like it's sweet potatoes. But it won't hurt 
them to get a little in their mouths. They can paint on a tray and you can save the creation by pressing paper down on to the tray when they are finished, or you can tape down some paper and let them paint directly on the paper. 

Yogurt Paint:
baby yogurt
food dye

Add the teeniest bit of food coloring to the yogurt to make it colored. Let them go to town on their tray.

This isn't the kind of painting you save and put on your fridge, but it's a great sensory experience!

My friend Terran's baby girl, the beautiful Lily, painting with yogurt. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

We heart Picnics.

The weather has been so nice lately with the most delicious breeze always blowing. So we've been having picnics for lunch nearly every day. I'm thinking this will turn into one of our family traditions; pretty days = picnic lunches. 

Adoration's current lunch of choice: All natural, preservative-free fish sticks and nectarines. 


Our view, under the oak tree. 

We <3 picnics. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thought for the day.

I try to remember this everyday. Since I'm in the thick of stay-at-home motherhood, I long for seemingly more exciting or "bigger" things at times.Or I find myself comparing myself to others and feel unaccomplished for my twenty eight years. But when it comes down to it, I wouldn't trade this fleeting, precious season for the world. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Because all these little things I do everyday.....they are actually kind of a big deal. Ya'll remember that too. Stay-at-home or working. All the little things you do everyday to make it work for your family are important. They are the big things. 

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We like you!

Hey ya'll! Top Baby Blogs has reset their voting. I had pulled this blog off the site for a bit, because frankly the whole voting thing was just annoying me. BUT that's how a lot of YOU found this lil' blog and I really like all of you. Also, that's how I've found a lot of wonderful blogs, so maybe it's not all that annoying. So I decided to put the Beautiful back into the voting game. So if you like reading this lil' ol' blog, please give it a vote. You can vote daily via the Top Baby Blogs button on the upper-right side of my blog (through clicking it.)


Pretty, pretty, PLEASE, vote???

Thank you lovelies! Thanks for reading this blog...and thanks for voting!!!  xoxo, Kristina & Adoration (aka.  the Patootie.) 
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Perfectly Glorious.

We had a dinner beach picnic over the weekend. The weather was perfectly glorious. And my baby was 
gloriously almost naked. For babies, at the beach, I consider clothing to be optional. 

This baby loves...


and Mommy.


and all the ocean sights. 

And we all love her. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning at Home: Bathtub Painting

Art/Sensory Activity: Bathtub Painting
Ages: 8 mo+

Materials: naked baby/toddler/preschooler
               paint brushes, rollers, foam brushes, etc.
               WASHABLE paint (can be plain old paint, finger paint or watercolor.)
  I actually got the idea for this through Pinterest (don't ya just love Pinterest?). I saw it and thought, "Genius!"  because it's such easy clean-up. Adoration loved it. I just squeezed some globs of paint straight onto the floor of the tub. She started off with the paintbrush, painting the tub and walls. She moved on to painting herself, then ditched the paintbrush and just rubbed her hands all in it (that's my girl!)

Clean up was super easy. I just turned on the water and cleaned the tub and Adoration at the same time. She helped me clean-up too, sponging the paint off the tub, and loved seeing the colorful water swirl around.

Adjustments and notes:
*Try just finger painting for babies that don't have the small-motor coordination to hold a brush.
* You could try this for babies that can't sit up yet by sitting them in your lap in the bathtub or by using a bumbo. Experiment!
* Give a water spray bottle (to kids who are able to work one) after they paint. It will be fun for them to spray the paint and watch the colors run together. They can also help clean-up using the spray bottles.
* Remember some children may dislike the texture of paint right now. Adoration has been painting since she was three months but I know some kids that didn't like painting until after then were one...and some never do!
* If you want to save your child's creation, just take a piece of card stock and press it onto your favorite section of the bathtub "painting."

My artistic genius. 

My happy baby....praising Jesus. Literally, she is exclaiming, "Gee-sus!" in these photos. 

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