Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning at Home: Autumn Activities

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for learning activities. I thought I would give ya'll a whole bunch of Fall themed ideas so you can pick and choose activities you might want to try out during this season with your little's.  

1. Go on a Nature Walk. Bring a bucket and collect leaves, pinecones, etc.
(Adoration loves doing this. It's so cute watching her find little treasures for her bucket.)

2. Make a leaf collage using the leaves you found on your nature walk.
Just let your little place the leaves on the sticky side of contact paper.
Put another piece of contact paper stick-side down to seal it. 

3. A felt Jack-o-Lantern activity. Cut out pumpkins, eyes, noses, and mouths out of felt.
Let your little's make faces on the felt. Help guide younger toddler's (like my little) with directions like, "Where do the eye's go?" You can also draw the shapes onto the felt pumpkin to match
the felt shapes (like a puzzle.) 

4. Hide and Seek Pumpkin Game. "Hide" a small pumpkin for your toddler to find. For younger toddler's hide it in plain view, even while they are watching. For example, place it on top of a chair, or under a table. Ask "where is the pumpkin?" When the pick it up, say, "the pumpkin was on top of the chair! " or "it was inside the basket!"This will help them learn spatial directions. 

5. Toddler-friendly Pumpkin Decorating. You can have your little's paint the pumpkins of course, but to add a little something extra, I love this idea via Young House Love. Make monograms/faces/designs using painters tape. When you pull the tape up after the paint has dried, you will have the design on your pumpkin! For more detailed instructions visit Young House Love.  

Toddler-friendly Pumpkin Option #2. Let your toddler go to town sticking foam stickers onto a pumpkin.   (Peel the backs off for toddler, preschoolers can peel the backs off themselves.) 
6. Big or Small? Pumpkin Game. Place a large pumpkin and a small pumpkin next to each other. Ask your toddler to place the sticky note on the big or the small pumpkin. Model it a couple times before you ask them to do it. Emphasize the size as you place a sticky note on the pumpkin, "This is the SMALL pumpkin."  Then ask them to do it, "Can you put the paper on the SMALL pumpkin?" This helps them learn sizes. 

7. Fall Themed Sensory Materials
To put in a large rectangular tupperware or metal baking dish. (or a sensory table if you have one!) 
A.) split peas (uncooked,) containers, red pom poms (to represent apples,) real red apples. Also bowls/containers, spoons .  
B. Fall Leaves, a mini rake, shovels, buckets.
C. beans (uncooked), pine cones (not the spiky kind) small pumpkins/gourds, acorns.
Just suggestions, get creative! 

Have Fun! Happy Fall ya'll! 

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