Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning at Home: Bathtub Painting

Art/Sensory Activity: Bathtub Painting
Ages: 8 mo+

Materials: naked baby/toddler/preschooler
               paint brushes, rollers, foam brushes, etc.
               WASHABLE paint (can be plain old paint, finger paint or watercolor.)
  I actually got the idea for this through Pinterest (don't ya just love Pinterest?). I saw it and thought, "Genius!"  because it's such easy clean-up. Adoration loved it. I just squeezed some globs of paint straight onto the floor of the tub. She started off with the paintbrush, painting the tub and walls. She moved on to painting herself, then ditched the paintbrush and just rubbed her hands all in it (that's my girl!)

Clean up was super easy. I just turned on the water and cleaned the tub and Adoration at the same time. She helped me clean-up too, sponging the paint off the tub, and loved seeing the colorful water swirl around.

Adjustments and notes:
*Try just finger painting for babies that don't have the small-motor coordination to hold a brush.
* You could try this for babies that can't sit up yet by sitting them in your lap in the bathtub or by using a bumbo. Experiment!
* Give a water spray bottle (to kids who are able to work one) after they paint. It will be fun for them to spray the paint and watch the colors run together. They can also help clean-up using the spray bottles.
* Remember some children may dislike the texture of paint right now. Adoration has been painting since she was three months but I know some kids that didn't like painting until after then were one...and some never do!
* If you want to save your child's creation, just take a piece of card stock and press it onto your favorite section of the bathtub "painting."

My artistic genius. 

My happy baby....praising Jesus. Literally, she is exclaiming, "Gee-sus!" in these photos. 


  1. I LOVE these posts. My daughter is only 6 months (almost)but I'm bookmarking every single of these posts for when she's a little older.

  2. What an AWESOME IDEA!!! I am going to try this as soon as I can get some paint!! My 3 year old would love this.


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