Monday, October 17, 2011

Learning at Home: Painting for Babies.

The Mohawk days. Adoration at three months. 
Painting can be such a wonderfully stimulating, sensory experience for babies. A lot of people are wary of introducing painting to their babies though.  Rightly so, because the little patooties like to stick everything in their mouths, and you don't want them licking paint off their hands. So a way to solve that problem and still introduce the experience of painting to babies is through using edible paint.

Jello Finger paint: 
Jello Powder
boiling water

Slowly just enough boiling water(constantly stirring) to the jello powder to make a thick, gooey consistency. Add ice to thicken and cool down the jello quickly. Use when cool

This is totally edible but you still don't want your baby eating it like it's sweet potatoes. But it won't hurt 
them to get a little in their mouths. They can paint on a tray and you can save the creation by pressing paper down on to the tray when they are finished, or you can tape down some paper and let them paint directly on the paper. 

Yogurt Paint:
baby yogurt
food dye

Add the teeniest bit of food coloring to the yogurt to make it colored. Let them go to town on their tray.

This isn't the kind of painting you save and put on your fridge, but it's a great sensory experience!

My friend Terran's baby girl, the beautiful Lily, painting with yogurt. 


  1. um I miss those mowhawk days like nobody's business!

  2. What a great idea, I never would have thought to make edible paint. Thanks for sharing!! (I found your blog on Top baby blogs, mine is on there too, My family of three)

  3. wow soo much fun .. I'm gonna give this one a go and I'll show the pics ;)

  4. @Kelly-Marie....I would love to see some pics!

  5. look at him, he will be a big painter some day :)


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