Thursday, October 6, 2011

We like you!

Hey ya'll! Top Baby Blogs has reset their voting. I had pulled this blog off the site for a bit, because frankly the whole voting thing was just annoying me. BUT that's how a lot of YOU found this lil' blog and I really like all of you. Also, that's how I've found a lot of wonderful blogs, so maybe it's not all that annoying. So I decided to put the Beautiful back into the voting game. So if you like reading this lil' ol' blog, please give it a vote. You can vote daily via the Top Baby Blogs button on the upper-right side of my blog (through clicking it.)


Pretty, pretty, PLEASE, vote???

Thank you lovelies! Thanks for reading this blog...and thanks for voting!!!  xoxo, Kristina & Adoration (aka.  the Patootie.) 
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  1. Voted! Your hair is getting so long!! I love it and your glasses are super cute too. You're pretty much just gorgeous. and Adoration is getting so big! We miss you!

  2. 1. yes, of course i'll vote for you. duh! because you are the coolest EVER!

    2. are beautiful. dang! I LOVE these pictures!!!

    3. i miss you like crazy.

  3. LOVElovelove those glasses! You're so trendychic. and Adoration is getting SO big! Beautiful girls! :)


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