Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It is true that some holiday festivities are just more magical with little's.
And dressing up tiny people is just sooo much fun! 

Our first stop on our Halloween day of festivities was the library for some laid-back celebrations. I wanted to save her Tiger Lily costume for the main event, so she just wore her regular clothes with bunny ears and  some painted whiskers on her face. This little one LOVES the library. Books and people are her favorite things and the library usually has both, so she is always pumped to be there. She thinks she is the library's personal greeter or something. Every person she see's, she's all, "hi! hi!" Can't. handle. it. 

In the evening, instead of going trick or treating, we went to a fall festival at a local church. Our neighborhood is practically a retirement community so not the best trick-or-treating environment. Everybody had their lights off (lame.) So a fall festival was the next best thing. Adoration LOVED carrying her little bucket and getting candy to put in it. She had no clue the candy was for eating, she just thought it was a super fun game. 

Sleepy bunny. after the library. 

My lil' Tiger Lily. 
                                                                         At the festival.

Back home, going through her loot.
                                                    Morning after. Candy still makes a fun toy.
                                                   and we ended the festivities with some morning
                                                                cuddles and "Mary Poppins."

Hope all you lovelies had a happy Halloween!

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  1. She makes a very cute Tiger Lily!

    I hope everything worked out with your visit- no fun! Hopefully we can get together in December. We'll be here for the most part, except for a week right around Christmas. Ben has the whole month off so I am PSYCHED!

    On another note, when do you recommend occasional movie watching? I'm thinking about when Anna is in the hospital bed-bound it would be good to watch some Disney or something (12 months old). But then I read that the AAP does not recommend TV for babies under 2 because it affects their cognitive development negatively. Not sure if that's the same thing as movies- do you know? Sorry so long, I meant or respond to your comment but deleted the email accidentally. :)


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