Friday, November 11, 2011

Learning at Home: Button Play

Every now and then, I bring out my bag of buttons for Adoration, as a play activity. 
This is a great way for the little one's to practice their fine motor skills.

I just spread some craft paper out on the floor (makes for easier clean-up,) bring out containers/bowls,
muffin tins, empty egg carton's, and dump some buttons out for play. Adoration loves sorting through them and filling all the little containers. 

You can extend this concept further for older kids. Have them sort buttons in the muffin tins, by color or size. You could even turn it into a counting game. 

Disclaimer: buttons are a choking hazard (duh,) so I would only recommend this activity for those past the oral sensory stage (aka: the "I put everything in my mouth" stage.) Even though Adoration doesn't put things in her mouth anymore, I still watch her like a hawk during this activity, just in case she gets any crazy ideas. 

(Ignore crappy picture quality. I was working with bad light.) 

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