Monday, November 28, 2011

Learning at Home: A Toddler-Friendly Tree

     If you have ever gone to story time at the library, or if your child goes to preschool, you should be familiar with felt boards. They are a great learning/play tool for kids. You can use them for so many things: like telling a story, demonstrating shapes and sizes, as a place for dress-up dolls, or for counting games and learning letters. The possibilities are endless. Basically, they are both a great visual and hands-on learning aid for a wide range of ages and developmental levels. If you ever want to see examples of felt boards, just google "felt boards" and you will see a bazillion examples. 
     Going off the concept of a felt board, we made a felt Christmas tree! I just cut out the shape of a Christmas tree out of a big piece of felt (you can get felt at any craft store) and tacked it to the wall in Adoration's room.  I cut a star out and some circles for the "ornaments." You could go fancy and make more intricate ornaments (especially if you like to sew,) but I just kept it simple. And there you have it: a toddler friendly Chirstmas tree. 
     Adoration has loved playing with it, "decorating" and "un-decorating" her tree. Whenever she tries to take ornaments off our real tree, I say, "let's go play with YOUR tree!" Then I redirect her to her room, and we play with her tree for awhile. It actually works pretty well! So not only is it a fun activity, but a distraction from tearing all the ornaments of our tree. ;) To extend the learning elements, emphasize the shapes and colors during your child's play. Happy decorating! 


  1. I'm so glad you posted this!!!! I just called my mom this morning and was asking her what she did with us to keep us from ripping all of the ornaments off the tree. Her suggestions more times than not are brilliantly creative and effective, but this particular one did not work with my feisty little 2 year old. The felt tree, i think will work :)


  2. @Chloe. We also have a basket out in the living room that I have filled with non-breakable safe ornaments that Adoration is allowed to play with. I think that has helped too!

  3. Wow what a great idea! We are so going to do this!


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