Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gifts and Gratitude

Life lately....has been...well...interesting. We've been having to deal with some hard, ugly things
on several different levels.  When it rains, it pours, as they say. Those stories aren't really mine to tell though, but I can say it has felt like a hurricane has been raging around, with my little family fighting to stay within the place of the peaceful eye. I am learning that peace = trust. And that there is always Beauty to be found.

I just started reading the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. I first heard about it through a wise friend, always beyond her years. In so many ways, I feel like this book verbalizes what God has been teaching me the last five years; that God is always good, the power of naming, that even in the desert there is always manna to be found, that He is always present if we could just but open our eyes to see Him, and that out of that seeing comes Joy. In the book, Ann chronicles her gratitude to God for the gifts in her life. Giving thanks for everything from curls of cheese on a cutting board to the perfection of her children's faces. It is probably the most well-timed book I have ever read, acting as a seal on my own journey through the desert to a place of Joy. 

The past few years I've been practicing the heart of the book in my own way,trying to see God in the "little" things. In a way, that is what this blog has been...the love letters to daughter and God. But now, inspired by the book, I am consciously chronicling it, and by chronicling it, giving my gratitude and adoration to the gift-giver. And just like my daughter's name, Adoration Joy: out of our Adoration, comes Joy. Here is a peek of my lately gratitude:

South Florida sunsets, painting the sky perfect. 

Clean little booties that bubble up my laughter. 

Giant trees and a grace-full sister-in-law. 

Bringing blessed autumn to Florida: soup and crusty bread, fills stomach and soul. 

Little one's play, tucking Kitty in for nap. 

seafood by the water, delicious breezes, and twinkly lights. 

Cool salty breezes, sun toasting shoulders, and surfers conquering waves. 

Inhaling scent of spices at market. 

palm tree hallways. 

Always, and forever, this face. 

My loving husband; strong, and sure, and steady in the face of waves that break against shores. 


  1. You write just beautifully. And your thoughts are so... right :)

  2. oh i'm so glad you have enjoyed it! her writing reminds me of yours, creative friend. such lovely pictures of everyday graces in your life!

  3. Such a beautiful post and pictures! I can really relate!

  4. Ive read 1000 gifts too, and it opened my eyes to so many good gifts. I think its time for a reread. Love your post.


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