Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY: Silhouette Ornament Tutorial

     As promised, in this post, here is the tutorial to make your own Silhouette Ornament! I made the original ornament of Adoration's profile on a craft night during my girl's mountain trip. I didn't have any photos or a printer, so for the original, I just drew the profile freehand from a picture saved on my iphone. Drawing isn't everyone's cup of tea, so this tutorial is much more user friendly! 

You will need:

    Since I already had an ornament of Adoration, I thought it would be fun to do a pet! This is my friend Erika's dog, Lola, as a puppy. My printer didn't print the top of her picture, so I sketched in the top of her head. ;) 

Cut out the profile, be sure to cut around the little details like eyelashes, wispy hairs, or in this case: the tip of Lola's tongue. It will give your silhouette character! 

Place the cut-out profile in the middle of your ornament ( I put a little piece of tape on the back so it 
wouldn't shift around.) Trace. 

Using a thin-tipped brush, paint the outline and fill in. The hardest part is painting the outline. 
You could use any combo of colors you desire, but I went classic with black, gold, and white. 

Paint around the silhouette in a contrasting color. Let it dry. 

When the front is dry, paint the back. I'm using the back as a chalkboard surface. You could use
actual chalkboard paint for this, but I just painted it black. 

When the back is dry, flip it back over and paint a border. I painted a scalloped border. 

The finished product! I added Lola's name to the front and left a chalk message on the back. 
Erika and Matt, get ready for a present in the mail!


  1. EEEEKKK!!! I love it!!! Me and Lola are about to pee our pants (or the floor, as the case may be) with excitement!

  2. so great! i still cant believe how amazing you are at ornament making, ;)

    and free handing silhouettes!

  3. Love it! Where do you get the ornament?

  4. @Lisa Michael's. I think it was a dollar.

  5. That is so cute & a great idea!

  6. I just stopped by via a link from sillyeaglebooks. These are so lovely. I am definately making them for next years tree- I love them! thank you

    robyn @


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