Thursday, December 15, 2011

Learning at Home: Button Tree Ornaments

     My daughter just loves playing with buttons, as seen here. I pulled out the buttons for some play time this morning and on a whim, turned her button play into a Christmas craft! It was super easy and Adoration was so proud of her little creations. 

Supplies: green craft foam 
1) Cut a Christmas tree out of foam. 
2) Spread some glue all over the tree. (I started by just doing a line of glue, but quickly figured out it would be more fun with the glue all over the tree.) Older kids can do this part themselves, but I was not about to hand my toddler the glue! 
2) Let your little one put buttons all over the tree, pressing them into the glue.  
* I demonstrated this for Adoration and she quickly got the idea. At one point she just started dumping as many buttons as she could on tree. I helped her a little bit, making sure all the buttons on the glue surface got pressed down, but mostly she did this herself!  
3) After the tree is dry, hot glue a loop of ribbon on to the back. 
4) Hang the little tree on to your big tree!

*This is a great activity for developing fine motor skills.  
*Talk to your child throughout the activity. Point out different colors, sizes and shapes. Talk about how the glue is "sticky." Adoration is at the point where she mimics the words I emphasize. Talking to your child is the best way to build their vocabulary! 


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