Sunday, January 1, 2012

Learning at Home: Sensory Paint Bags

  Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been MIA. (eek! I feel like I say that a lot.) The nature of my hubby's work has him working fast paced, long hours. It balances out though by giving him really, nice long breaks off of work (he works with the school system so holidays and summer.) So I kinda check out and just tend to focus on my family during those times! I hope everyone had a happy, sparkly Christmas and New Years, I know we did! is a Learning at Home activity: 

   Paint bags are such a wonderful, non messy way to keep a little one occupied. It's a great sensory experience for both wee little babies and preschoolers alike. I used to use these all the time in my classroom. My two-year old's loved it! It's a great activity to pull out whenever they have to wait for something, like right before a meal. Adoration gets really impatient for food once she sees me pull it out to prepare it, so I'll sit her in her highchair, and give her a sensory bag. It gives me that extra five minutes to cut up her food and put  it on a plate without her pulling on my leg and whining! 

plastic ziploc bag
tape (I used packing tape but duct tape would work a lot better)

    Squirt some paint in the bag (for lots of squish add more paint, for drawing purposes, add just a little.) For extra security, tape the top (you don't want paint squishing out!) I also like to tape the bag down around the edges onto a tray or table so it doesn't slide all around.  

Little babies will have fun just squishing the paint around. Give q-tips to older children to let them "draw" in the paint. They can practice writing their letters, numbers, drawing shapes, whatever. 

Adoration at 5 months. eeee! She was so little! *tear*

This bag has too much paint in it for drawing purposes, but it's the perfect amount for a baby to squish! 


  1. fantastic! love the exploration

  2. love this idea! I might use it in the daycare this week :)

  3. Love this idea and this "learn at home" series. I'm expecting my first baby in April and will def check back and follow you for more great ideas. thanks!

    (ps- I found you on top baby blogs! :) )


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