Monday, December 12, 2011

Surprises are the best.

    The last couple of months have been quite the whirlwind, with our move and trying to make a home in a brand new place. I've also been dealing with some hard/stressful family stuff. So instead of putting myself out there and trying to meet new people, I've been a bit of a hermit. In the midst of an emotional time, forging new friendships just seems exhausting. I just want to be around the people that know me, love me, and that I don't have to explain myself to. 
    During an especially emotional/stressful week, the hubby said, "We've got to get you up to Charlotte with your girls." We are tight on our finances right now (still recovering from moving to a new state, it's expensive!) so I didn't even think a trip to Charlotte would be a possibility. Sometimes the heart is just more important than a budget, and my husband saw my need for some soul therapy. Our decision to send me to Charlotte just happened to coincide with a trip to the mountains the girl's already had planned. I hadn't planned on going on the trip when it was first planned because of our finances, but those plans changed! I schemed with my friend Jessie, and we decided to keep my coming on the trip a secret and make it a surprise! This involved me having to straight up lie on more than one occasion, with friends asking, "Are you sure you can't come on the trip??" 
    I flew into Charlotte the night before we were leaving for the mountains and stayed at Jessie's house. All the girls met up at her house the next morning so we could all caravan together. They had no idea I was there. Here is the video of the surprise. Brace yourself for lots of screaming....

Talk about making a girl feel loved! 

A girl's trip to the mountain was just what the doctor ordered. We left all our toddlers at home and were able to truly relax and enjoy each other.

To my loving husband:
Thank you for sending me on this trip. It was the best Christmas present ever.
your wifey. 

I love these gorgeous girls.  

photos by my amazing photographer friend, Anna of The Colorful Living Project.


  1. Your video brought tears to my eyes! I understand too well the emotional stress of moving and leaving all your friends behind. And I must say you have a great looking group of friends! You are all adorable!

  2. We don't even know each other and the video and this blog entry made me tear up. I'm glad you got some girl time! Sometimes, there really is no better medicine!

  3. That was incredible! So awesome to see a group of friends so happy, I used to have that a few years back but we all sort of went our separate ways after college. I'm in a new place and haven't really met anyone new, so glad I have my hubby or I'd be lost. You girls are so sweet, I love following your blogs!

  4. @Devin Thanks girl! I agree that they are all adorable. ;)

    @Mrs.CzarBob I'm totally with you on being in a new place and not knowing anyone. Thank God for sweet hubbies. I'm blessed to have these girls though...I hope we never go our separate ways even if we live in separate states!

  5. This makes me really happy. And envious (in a good sort of way...if there even is a good sort of envious ;) I've had such a hard time finding friends here in our new "home" whom I have the big things in comming with (similar age range, stay at home mom, loves Jesus, and lives simply and slowly instead of busy busy busy with lots of material stuff). It's definitley lonely but I keep praying that it turns around. Hope I see you when you come home next! Merry Christmas!

  6. dev LOVING the pics you shared!! (and the video!)

  7. @Lisa Elaine: Charlotte was a true blessing in regards to friendships. It was really hard to leave such great community. It's been much harder finding friends here is soFlo!


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