Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy News is the Best News.

     Meet one of my BFF's, Erika and her hubby Matt. I loooovvveee them! I can add a couple of more "o's" into that "love" if you aren't sure of my affection. I've known Erika since high school, we were room mates in college, worked together after college for two years, and are sister's for life. One thing I've always known about Erika is that she wanted to be a mother one day. So pretty devastating when her and husband started trying for kids and were slapped in the face with a diagnosis for infertility. You can read about their infertility journey here. So three long, heart wrenching years later, there is HAPPY news. And I am so excited for them I could pee in my pants. Because they were made to be parents and they are going to be the best parents ever and I love them.

They have recently decided to adopt. The circumstances of Erika realizing her heart wanted adoption....to the wheels being put in motion for an adoption almost immediately after are so incredible. They are "there is no way this could be a coincidence" kind of circumstances. So what I like to call "God is real" for realz, circumstances.

You can read about her story in:
Part One and Part Two.

Also you should probably follow her blog because it's awesome. Her blog is probably my most favorite blog to read (even more than all those big blogs everybody reads.) Because she is refreshingly candid and hilarious at the same time, plus the girl can write, like REALLY write. I have yet to find such a combination of candor and wit in a blog. Her blog is Something Beautiful. Go check it out. 


  1. Um, WOW. So this is what you meant by "I'm going to blog about this!" You are the best! :) Love you, friend!

  2. You guys are friends? That's amazing, because I read BOTH your blogs!


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