Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning at Home: Cars & Trucks Art Activity

     Cars and Trucks Art Activity
     Ages: 18 +

    Art activities are some of my favorite early childhood learning activities, but you may be wondering how art is conducive to learning. Here is an informative article that explores the concept. Art activities are great learning tool and they keep children interested and involved in their environment. We mostly do them because they are fun! 
   The basics of this activity is using the wheels of cars or trucks to paint. This is a great activity for kids who love all things cars and trucks, which would be about every two to four year old boy I know. ;) My daughter, Adoration, is not so interested in cars, she could care less (takes after her Mama.) So I didn't think she would be too into this activity (I was right.) But we did it anyways, just so I could demonstrate it for you! I used to do this in my two year old preschool class and those little's just loved this activity.  

butcher paper, or a big piece of cardboard
painter's tape
trucks and cars (that you don't mind getting dirty.)
washable paint
paper plate

1. Spread some butcher paper out on a flat surface, such as a table, kiddie table, or floor. Tape it down with the painter's tape.Using the marker, draw a "road."  

2. Squirt some paint out onto a paper plate. Roll the tires of a truck through the paint, and "drive" the truck along the road. Demonstrate this for your child and then let them go to town! Little car and truck fanatics will love "driving" their cars and seeings the markings they are leaving behind.

The different wheel textures will make fun markings with the paint!. 

and just for fun: my little who is not so interested in cars, but is
very interested in covering her entire body in paint!

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  1. My two year old nephew is a truck or as he calls it "truck truck" fanatic. This would be a great activity to combine art and his love for anything with wheels. Perfect!


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