Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning at Home: The Easiest Toddler Activity Ever.

     Are you ready for it....the Easiest Toddler Activity Ever?

Age: 15 mo +
Learning: Fine motor skills. Beginning counting. 
Supplies: plastic water bottle. 
                dry pasta (small enough to fit through the water bottle opening.)
                small bowl/container (to hold the pasta...or you could just lay it out on the ground or a tray.) 

    This activity consisted of me giving Adoration some pasta to put into a water bottle. Yep...that's it. And ya'll, for being so free and easy, it sure did engross my very busy toddler's concentration. Every time she would drop a pasta through the opening in the bottle she would say, "Yay!" She sure was proud of herself.
    This activity is so great for fine motor skills. It's not easy for little hands to get little things into little openings! You may be wondering why fine motor skills are so important. Well think about it:  feeding ourselves, buttoning clothes, using zippers, tying shoes writing, drawing, typing, dialing a phone, texting etc, etc. There are a thousand things we do every day that utilize our fine motor skills. It's a big skill for little people to learn! 
    We practiced counting while Adoration did this activity as well. She can count to three now. So we just counted each time she dropped a pasta in until she got to three, "One..two...three! yay!" repeat. 

 Note the intense concentration: 

 You got it, girl! 

And when she was all done, I put the cap on the bottle and she had herself a shaker. Dance party!


  1. fun! what a great and easy idea! i am loving adoration's hair! she's looking so old

  2. Does Adoration have a haircut????? Love this too.

  3. Im so going to try this with Judah when he is a few months older ;-)


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