Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Toddler Room Tour

    I love my daughter's room. It is my favorite room. It is colorful, fun, eclectic and calming all at the same time. The other day it occurred to me that I wanted our whole house to feel like my daughter's room, so I've been making small tweaks bringing in the "colorful" and the "fun" cause my house was feeling a little too old lady/southern living. But I digress...
   Adoration's room is pretty much the same from when I first put it together, which you can see here. But now we live in a different place. Her room is bigger now and so are her needs! So I've made some little changes to make it more toddler friendly. 

This twin spindle bed doubles as our reading station before bed and naps/
guest bed for out-of-towners. We keep a trundle bed underneath. We often
squeeze our whole little family on the bed for night time story time. Love it.
new addition: an ikea picture ledge to hold current bedtime books. 

bedside table. 

New addition: this reading nook
There was space at the end of the bed to make a little nook, so I stacked
some crates (from a craft store at the end) and added a big, comfy pillow. 
The crates store books and some toys. I will often find Adoration in her 
little nook with a huge pile of open books at her feet. Love my lil' 

new addition: colorful rug
This is actually a blanket my husband brought back from Mexico.
Since I took these pics (awhile ago) I've nabbed the blanket for
our couch in our living room. I plan on replacing it with a real, colorful
rug.....probably from Urban, cause they have those. :) I want to find her
a little table and chairs to put in here too. 

changes: switched up the shelves a little. 

new additions: cute little vintage romper hanging on the wall. 
white metal tub for dirty clothes. 

mobile: it's the same, but I added yarn around the ring to make it prettier.

Adoration's crib is the same, except it has a white bumper from
Ikea and I always use white sheets in her bed now. The crib
isn't exactly my style, but it was free and is solid construction so I'm
not gonna pass that up! 
new additions: Instead of having the bird houses over her crib, I hung 
these framed vintage book pages side by side. 

The inspiration for her room: Charley Harper and this bed covering
(which is actually a Anthro tablecloth I got on clearance.) 

Well, that's the tour! I have some more posts planned for this week, including a new Learning at Home post.


  1. such a lovely room! i love your style inspire:)

  2. Such an adorable little room! I love the idea of you all piling on the bed for stories at night. So cute. I'm expecting my first and we plan on reading to him every night before bed forever haha also plan to make a cute reading nook on the floor with huge pillows for us all to lounge on. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! :)

  3. Love Adoration's room! So much so...hey, I think I'll crash there in a few weeks! :) Throw a few grown-up books into the book nook for me, will you? (PS You should definitely stage a pic of Adoration lounging there, "reading" some East of Eden or something. I would frame that and put it in my house. Just a thought.) OK so now since we are DRIVING to West Palm we will have a car, which means we should definitely be thrifting and crafting stuff for MY nursery as well on our trip! Woohoo!!

  4. So cute. Love the reading nook and the mobile! And that bed covering is adorable!

  5. That room is AMAZING. We are designing a nursery right now, and I love all the flavor!


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