Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIY: A Love Banner

For Valentine's Day,  I wanted to give my hubbie a card that was made by both me and my daughter, Adoration. I also wanted it to be a little something different than a paper card. So we made a fabric banner card! This one was for Valentine's Day, but you could do this for any occasion or holiday. 

Step one: Make a potato stamp.
I needed a heart stamp and we had some potatoes already in the house. so I made a stamp out of potato! It was a good choice cause A. we already had it in the house and B. it was perfect for my daughter's little hands to handle. 
1: Cut a small potato in half
2: draw a heart (or whatever shape you choose) on the potato with a pen. Cut out around it. 

Step two: Stamp away!
 I just used plain ol' acrylic paint and a scrap of fabric. Burlap would be great fabric for this. I helped guide my daughter as she stamped. 

Step three: If you choose, write a personal message on the banner. I used a sharpie.
Using a hot glue gun, glue the sticks on the top and bottom of the banner. 

Step four: Tie a loop of yarn onto the top stick for hanging purposes.
Roll the banner inward from the top and bottom until it meets in the middle, like a scroll.
Tie a bow around the middle and give it to someone you love! 


  1. What a unique idea. I had forgotten all about "potato stamps." fun! I'll have to keep this project tucked away until babygirl is older.


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