Monday, February 6, 2012

Learning at Home: A Counting Toy

     Age: 18mo+

     Supplies: small canvas,
               sharpies or markers in five different colors
               something circular to trace

I wanted to make Adoration a visual tool (that she could play with) to encourage her counting and number learning. 

All I did was trace the right amount of circles for each corresponding number onto a canvas. I made it on a canvas so it could be reused. (This could be really fun wall art too. Mine is kinda sloppy because it was made quickly but you could make it really pretty!) Adoration plays with it by placing small little objects in the circles. She really likes playing with beach stones, so we usually use those. She is a little too young to play with it the "right" way, which would be doing it in order. She places her stones in the circles in no order and and haphazardly but regardless, it is still a visual counting encouragement for her! When I play with her, I help guide her and we count as we go. She knows how to count to "tree" now! 


  1. Such a simple and beautiful idea. I'll be giving this a try with my little guy whose been into counting and numbers lately.

  2. This is a really simple and great idea to help them learn numbers! My son is approaching 18 months and I have tons of extra canvases lying around. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  3. Glad to share it! Thanks lovelies.


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