Monday, February 27, 2012

Learning at Home: V-day Activities

I wanted to show you some more of our activities from this past Valentine's Day...and maybe it will give you some ideas for your next V-day! Besides making cookies and making this craft together, we also did two other activities.

Heart Hopskotch

You know...just like regular hopskotch, but with hearts instead of squares. I kept it pretty simple and just did a straight line of hearts. Every time Adoration would get to the end, I would say "I love you!!!" 

Ages: 18+ (younger if they have the gross motor skills)
Learning: Gross Motor Skills
Supplies: Chalk

Little Kisses

 Adoration just loves to give kisses, and she also likes to watch me put on makeup. She will pretend to put on makeup too when I'm getting ready. So I combined the two and came up with this activity! I mean...I have Adoration footprints, and little Adoration hand prints, but what about little Adoration LIP prints??? I mean just so, so cute.

Ages: Whenever they are old enough to know how to kiss!
Learning: Affection/ just for fun!

Supplies: Lipstick, handheld mirror, card stock (I used paper cause I was out of card stock, but card stock would work better.) 

I put Adoration in her high chair for this and sat beside. I let her watch me put on lipstick and asked her if she wanted some. She was pretty excited about this! I put the lipstick on her little lips, while holding the mirror up, so she could see the process. She was oohing and ahhing and making eyes at herself. I then said, "Give the paper kisses!" and I demonstrated it for her. She will kiss anything and everything so next thing I knew, she was covering the paper with her little kisses. She seemed to think it was really fun that she could see her "kisses." After the lipstick dried, I painted over the "kisses" with modge podge to save it. 

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead so I didn't get the cute pictures of Adoration actually doing this activity. But here is the final product in it's place of honor on the fridge, courtesy of my iphone.


  1. Oh my gosh..I love the Little Kisses project! My daughter is 16 months and kisses anything and everything too (so cute). This woulda been a good idea, but will save it for next V-day or maybe Father's Day? Love your Learning at Home features. I actually wrote about your "colors" activity on my blog. Good ideas to help break up our days :)


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