Friday, February 17, 2012

Messy is fun.

    We made some cookies for Valentine's Day. I let Adoration get in on the fun and she "helped" me roll out the door and cut out the cookies. At some point she sneaked a piece of dough and kept saying, "mhmm! mhmm!" And watching her roll that rolling pin so seriously just killed me! She was concentrating so hard. 
   Things got pretty messy but if you ever read my Learning at Home posts, you would know I am not afraid of mess. Usually the reward of having my little engaged in an activity far outweighs the hassle of cleaning up. A childhood without some healthy mess just seems a little sad to me! 

Hmm...I should maybe get her an apron. 


  1. Is she a big girl or what! I can't believe how big she is!!! Oh yeah (PLEASE COME TO THE BEACH) you can ride with me and Jess!!! We'll pitch in for you!!! PLEASE!!!

  2. she is so cute! you should make you and her matching aprons!!

  3. i LOVE that you're a mama not scared of a little mess and value the experience moreso than the trouble to clean up! we need more people like you; and the world would be a better place :) namaste.

    btw. just wanted to let you know i'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY!



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