Friday, March 16, 2012

Hurrah for Visitors!

Hey ya'll! It's been a pretty eventful week in our little part of the world....cause we had visitors! It's the first time we've had visitors in our new South Florida home, and not just any visitors, but Erika and Catherine, two of my besties and former roomies from college!  They had a spring break with their jobs and decided to come here. hurrah!

Having visitors definitely reminds me that we are very blessed to live where we do. I mean...people VACATION here. life is definitely no vacation, but it sure is nice living so close to some crystal blue ocean. It just adds a wonderful dimension to every day life, like the sea breeze in the air and the always, warm weather. Like things to do as a stay-at-home mama in Charlotte would've gone something like this: park, playground, mall walking (for when it's too damn cold outside,) library, Discovery Place, friend's houses, etc.
Down here it goes something like this: Park, Playground, library, bike rides, pool, BEACH, zoo,etc. You know...basically the same, but without a Winter, and throw in the beach. I'll take it. Now we just need to find more of a community...

But I digress, having Erika and Catherine here was pretty great. First of all, it made me feel like I was on vacation too....cause we went to the beach like every day and we ate out a whole bunch. Those two things along with some good company always make me feel like I'm on vacay. And it was oh so nice, to get to spend some time with both of them. There's just nothing like a worn-in friendship with people that just KNOW you. I was thinking about these two friends in particular  and on the surface it could be surprising that we are such good friends. I mean...we are really different from each other. We dress differently, we like different things, we have different hobbies, different personalities, and are in different life seasons. But maybe that's why they are so great. We are allowed to be different with each other and aren't expected to be a certain way, and are loved and appreciated for who we are. We can just be ourselves.

I don't have any friends like that here yet, so it was so refreshing to have these girls around.

                                                  Love these two! Please visit again!

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  1. Yaaay!! We had SUCH a good time with you and your thieving child. :) I'm so glad you live in a place I like to vacation because this makes it much easier to live with my hotel phobia-- I will just stay with you!! Already working on getting Matt to plan a trip back for us both to come...he's not a hard sell at all! Love you!


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