Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Piece of my Heart.

This video has gone viral, which makes my heart so happy. 

The first Invisible Children video, spreading awareness of the horrendous injustice happening in Central Africa, was released when I was an undergrad in college. The first documentary brought the issue to light. This video has a specific plan to combat this injustice...and you can be a part of it.  

    I first fell in love with the continent of Africa as a 10 year old, reading books and thumbing through National Geographic. I used  to wish that my parents could be missionaries so I could live somewhere in Africa.  As a freshman in college, I read the book  Good News about Injustice and through that book learned about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. It sickened me to know that I could go my whole life not even being aware something like that had happened, and on a continent I dreamed about as a child, nonetheless.  Not long after, the Invisible Children video came out, highlighting the crisis in Uganda. Near the end of college, God put the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo on my heart, where a humanitarian crisis was occurring that Time magazine called, "The Deadliest War in the World."  I prayed for the Congo every day. When James and I first got married, we even seriously considered becoming missionaries to the Congo. 
   Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic of the Congo are all right next to each other, hugging each other's borders.  Much of the ongoing issues in this region stem from the same root evils. The humanitarian crisis in this region of Central Africa is possibly the worst of our time, yet it rarely gets media coverage and is not taught about in our schools.  A whole generation of kids has grown up in relative ease and wealth while the most lethal conflict since WWII was happening on the other side of the world, and they haven't heard a thing about it. 

Any organization, mission's group, person, journalist, or politician that works to bring awareness and fight against the ongoing issues in Central Africa have my enthusiastic support. Invisible Children, I love what you are doing. 

And Africa, I love you. We will introduce our children to your children one day. 

My husband in Malawi, Africa. 

Love, Kristina


  1. I only heard about this cause a few days ago but it's not the first time I've heard of Joseph Kony. Let's hope this video raises enough awareness to end the crisis! My husband is from India and the children of his tribe have suffered similar atrocities at the hands of rebels in the state so this cause really hits home! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm commenting on my own blog because there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video. The issues of Central Africa are extremely complicated, with the root issues spanning back decades. Remedying the problem will take far more than capturing Kony. The Kony focus seems to be a big source of the critiques. And maybe they oversimplified the issue, failing to address some of the real problems. But they were also trying to make a video that would grab the attention and be accessible to the whole world.
    I support Invisible Children because they are actually doing something. No, they aren't perfect by an means and their strategy has flaws. But they are opening people's eyes and trying to take steps to bring more peace to this region. They are so few voices standing up for this region, that I find trouble faulting anyone that is stepping out on a limb trying to do so. I don't really see any of the haters doing anything constructive to help the DRC. They only seem to be tearing down an organization that is trying to.


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