Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hair Help?

One thing I particularly enjoy about social media is that it's like having a bunch of girl friends at the if I'm in Target and I need another opinion on if I should get the skirt I'm trying on. I can just instagram it and get some opinions. Well, I need some opinions....

On what I should do/not do with my hair. 

I don't know what it is about being pregnant but it always gives me the itch to change it up a little. So this time around, I'm thinking of going ombre with my hair. Not a super obvious ombre but a more subtle, natural ombre. Something like this:

Now, I've never really colored my hair before ( well, except that time I put burgundy in it, in the underneath layers of my hair in college. It washed out in a couple of weeks.) I think what has held me back on coloring my hair is that I am super low maintenance when it comes to hair/makeup. Color just seems like a lot of maintenance.  But I think I'm ready to take that leap. I mean...I have a lot of brown going on...brown skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Maybe a little golden in the hair will make my skin look a little more golden? And a subtle ombre doesn't seem too high maintenance. But I'm having a little trouble deciding for sure. 

So what do ya'll think? Should I go for it??
Here is what my hair looks like now: 

And for the record, if I do this thing I'm gonna do it right and go to someone who knows what they are doing. My nightmare scenario would be a botched job and having to cut my hair off! Also, I know pregnant ladies got to be careful about chemicals, so I would definitely go to an Aveda salon where their hair color is really gentle and mostly chemical free.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Toddler Friendly Easter Basket

Umm...I totally forgot to post this. Easter is way in the past now. whoops.
Obviously, I am no slave to my blog. ;)

Anyways, here is the Easter Basket we gave Adoration:

three wee little handmade felt bunnies
a mini Pottery Barn doll (half-off!)
and some Annie's fruit bites. 

Last Easter, I made Adoration a bunny, so I figured I would continue the tradition and try to make her bunnies every Easter! I made her three little bunnies this year, instead of one big bunny. 

Adoration fell in love with this little doll while we were browsing through Pottery Barn kids one day. I sneakily bought it for her and hid it away for her basket. I'm kinda proud that her favorite doll was the "ethnic" looking one. Probably because it looked the most like mommy. ;) It was the only doll that was on sale...which made me a little sad for some the brown dolls were less desirable or something. But I digress...

And for her "candy" I threw in some Annie's fruit bites, which Adoration LOVES. "Mo tweats mama? pwease?" 

The basket was a big hit, the "tweats" gobbled up, the bunnies kissed, and the dolly hugged. And now they all currently reside with the rest of her menagerie in Adoration's crib. And Adoration will let us know if somebody is missing! 

What kinds of things do you put in your children's baskets? Do you have any traditions? 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

 We didn't do any Learning at Home specific Easter activities, as my in laws were in town through Thursday. Adoration did color some eggs with her G'ma though! The blue eggs were here favorite :)  

I had planned on taking her to a egg hunt but family came in town that Sunday so we went to the beach instead. Then I planned on taking her to another hunt that was this past Saturday...but it started at 9:00 and we ended up having a lazy, pancake morning. I was determined Adoration get the experience though, so we made our own egg hunt in the backyard that afternoon.  

I filled the eggs with a few finger puppets/little toys and some Annie's fruit snacks. I'm not quite ready for her to have "real" candy yet. She eats sweets sometimes, like frozen yogurt or "ice ceam," as she call it, popsicles, and the occasional celebratory cupcake or cookie. But I feel like candy is a whole other ball game! She thinks fruit snacks are pretty much candy though and calls them "tweats." Once Adoration discovered the eggs had stuff in them, she opened every egg before putting it in the basket. She was pretty excited about both the "tweats" and the little toys. In fact, she has insisted on adding the finger puppets to the current menagerie residing in her crib at night. She also insists on packing them in her little purse every time we go some where.  

Tomorrow I'll show you Adoration's Easter basket. I filled it with some handmade goodies and was probably just a little too excited about it! I mean it's a little ridiculous how pumped up I get creating these little experiences for her. I think about this a daughter's joy brings me so much joy. I think that this is must be a shadow of how God feels about our joy. If he is the perfect loving Father and I am just an imperfect parent, how much more joy does it bring His heart to give His children good gifts???

Thank you Jesus, for always giving good gifts, and enduring the shame of the cross for the joy set before you (we were your joy.)   

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