Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hair Help?

One thing I particularly enjoy about social media is that it's like having a bunch of girl friends at the if I'm in Target and I need another opinion on if I should get the skirt I'm trying on. I can just instagram it and get some opinions. Well, I need some opinions....

On what I should do/not do with my hair. 

I don't know what it is about being pregnant but it always gives me the itch to change it up a little. So this time around, I'm thinking of going ombre with my hair. Not a super obvious ombre but a more subtle, natural ombre. Something like this:

Now, I've never really colored my hair before ( well, except that time I put burgundy in it, in the underneath layers of my hair in college. It washed out in a couple of weeks.) I think what has held me back on coloring my hair is that I am super low maintenance when it comes to hair/makeup. Color just seems like a lot of maintenance.  But I think I'm ready to take that leap. I mean...I have a lot of brown going on...brown skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair. Maybe a little golden in the hair will make my skin look a little more golden? And a subtle ombre doesn't seem too high maintenance. But I'm having a little trouble deciding for sure. 

So what do ya'll think? Should I go for it??
Here is what my hair looks like now: 

And for the record, if I do this thing I'm gonna do it right and go to someone who knows what they are doing. My nightmare scenario would be a botched job and having to cut my hair off! Also, I know pregnant ladies got to be careful about chemicals, so I would definitely go to an Aveda salon where their hair color is really gentle and mostly chemical free.


  1. YES! That would look so great on you. I'm also trying to figure out something for my hair and meant to post about it on Friday... Not sure if I want to re-cut my bob or grow it back out. Decision, decisions. ;)

  2. Well personally I'm a bit partial to the dark hair :) But, I'm sure it would look great no matter what you decide.

  3. I definitely think you should go for it! The thing about the ombre is that it seems like it WOULD be really doesn't seem like you'd get obvious roots that you'd need to keep seems like a graceful way to experiment in color. Plus I think the length and general style of your hair would be very suitable for the ombre. So do it! :)

  4. Totally do it, it would be beautiful on you! :) I'm so loving the ombre hair look now.

  5. Sounds like I need to bring my Aveda color down to Florida and we can have ourselves a little ombré party!!!!


  6. So I read ombre and thought "is that Spanish for hat or friend or something?" But now that you have educated me I think "ombre" hair would look great on you! : -) miss your hair and the rest of you too!

  7. I think you would like great with ombre in your hair Kristina!! I had ombre coloring in my hair this past year and it is SO low mainenance!! I went to the salon like 3 times the whole year!

  8. i think it'd look gorgeous on you! go for it! :D


  9. Definitely do it! I think it'd look so good with all the layers you have in your hair.


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