Friday, April 20, 2012

A Toddler Friendly Easter Basket

Umm...I totally forgot to post this. Easter is way in the past now. whoops.
Obviously, I am no slave to my blog. ;)

Anyways, here is the Easter Basket we gave Adoration:

three wee little handmade felt bunnies
a mini Pottery Barn doll (half-off!)
and some Annie's fruit bites. 

Last Easter, I made Adoration a bunny, so I figured I would continue the tradition and try to make her bunnies every Easter! I made her three little bunnies this year, instead of one big bunny. 

Adoration fell in love with this little doll while we were browsing through Pottery Barn kids one day. I sneakily bought it for her and hid it away for her basket. I'm kinda proud that her favorite doll was the "ethnic" looking one. Probably because it looked the most like mommy. ;) It was the only doll that was on sale...which made me a little sad for some the brown dolls were less desirable or something. But I digress...

And for her "candy" I threw in some Annie's fruit bites, which Adoration LOVES. "Mo tweats mama? pwease?" 

The basket was a big hit, the "tweats" gobbled up, the bunnies kissed, and the dolly hugged. And now they all currently reside with the rest of her menagerie in Adoration's crib. And Adoration will let us know if somebody is missing! 

What kinds of things do you put in your children's baskets? Do you have any traditions? 

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  1. what a darling basket! your little bunnies are so sweet.


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