Wednesday, May 9, 2012


     I am not one to usually delve into politics in public, even around friends or in groups.  Primarily because I don't want to be known by my political stance. I would rather be known for my imperfect self, and hopefully, that I have treated you with kindness and grace, and that through that, you would see Jesus who is at work within me.

Yesterday, Amendment One was passed in North Carolina. Until pretty recently, I was a North Carolina resident so it felt close to home. The decision to pass the Amendment affected me more than I would've expected. My heart was heavy and I was deeply grieved and the point of not being able to sleep and I lay awake praying in intercession. I am aware that just by voicing this I opening myself up to judgments by other Christians, which is partly why I keep politics to myself. 

But I couldn't keep quiet on this one. 
Because, in my eyes, this Amendment is just taking it too far. The picture that entered into my head was a stoning...a stoning of people that are already down. And the Jesus I know never threw stones. He revealed truth and sin, but he never threw stones. His righteous anger was only expressed in response to the hypocritical religious leaders of the day. Jesus picked people up out of the dust, met them with love, and healed their hurts and sin. He wasn't fighting a political culture war, he was changing the culture with His love. Every one was confused when He came claiming to be Messiah but didn't take His place as king over the government of the day. Nor did he come, aligning himself with the religious leaders (except perhaps for John the Baptist, who was believed to be crazy, and lived in the desert eating locusts.) No...He was not what was expected. Instead, he came and made friends with prostitutes, sinners, and outcasts, sharing bread, life, and company with them. He was their friend and washed their feet. I really do love Him. 

My friend Kara, expressed my thoughts on the matter of Amendment One more eloquently than I could have. Read it here. 

There is a song I really love, by Jason Upton that has been stuck in my head. It says:

"...And we'll guard each man's dignity,
and save each man's pride

And they will know we are Christians,
by our love, by our love
Yes, they'll know we are Christians 
by our love. "

May that become a reality. 


  1. So good and so true. A sad day for NC and all of us.

  2. Mmm I really respect your views on this and many other things, Kristina. Thanks for sharing and for breaking out of the box. I wonder how many areas we would find turned upside down if Christians didn't simply accept the norm of religious culture but took a long hard look at things from Jesus's eyes(hence my views on spanking). We would find, most likely, there are so many things wrong with the accepted norms.

  3. my heart breaks alongside yours. you wrote and represented well, as did Kara. How we need to see the world through God's eyes, instead of our own agendas!

  4. absolutely, positively, my heart and THANK YOU for speaking out about it. I have been afraid of doing so for fear of judgment or "stirring the waters" with my family, with whom I have had one too many debates. I really thank you.

  5. What a beautiful, eloquent way to express your heart. Love you.


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