Thursday, May 31, 2012

On the Move Again....

We have been busy, busy around here. We just recently moved out of our first Florida home into our second.  We made the decision to move about an hour further south to be closer to where the hubs will be predominantly working. And man oh man....packing AND unpacking sure is hard with a pregnant belly and an almost two year old who is constant motion. I am tired. I think I need a vacation. For reals. And a massage. And a fake alcoholic beverage that I can pretend is real. On our last night in our old home we managed to take a small break from packing to grab a bite to eat and pay a visit to the beach. A couple of deep breaths of that ocean air just melts the stress away. It was a sweet time with both my loves and our way of saying goodbye to our short lived home.

Honestly, despite the beach wonderfulness, our move to south Florida has been hard on me. We left a place we loved that felt like home, dear friends and community to move to a place where we knew no one. I think as a stay-at-home mother with young children, community is especially important. It can be easy to feel isolated anyways in that role. Pair that with not having any community...and well....I've felt more isolated this year than I have in a long time. We never found a church that seemed like a good fit during this past year, and my soul is longing for that specific kind of community as well. The town we moved into was not a very friendly feeling place. It was very vanilla and plastic, and from my southern girl perspective, people were just plain rude. The main priorities of our surroundings seemed to be money and outward appearance. Without a church home, and the culture of our surroundings, it was pretty much impossible for me to find other moms I could "click" with. And I mean, I'm not asking for a lot. I just wanted some friends that were generally nice and real. Actually, moving down here made me see some of the perks of the blogging community. Cause I totally contacted a blogger momma who I knew lived in south Florida. I felt a little lame and definitely desperate contacting her but I got a sweet friend out of the deal. So yay blogging!

Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked to be in our new town. We are surrounded by a myriad of different cultures. James and I are both internationally minded, so being surrounded by people from different nations is exciting to us.We finally have a church. We actually discovered this church and were drawn to it when we lived farther north, but it was just too far away for us to practically be involved. We will be living in a tiny, three bedroom 1950's house with mango trees in the backyard. I can walk to a playground and a lot of our neighbors and have introduced themselves, and some of them even brought us a pie! People are more laid back in general. With baby #2 on the way, I'm eager to get some roots in this new community.

This season of moving here has taught me a lot about trust. We didn't have to move here, but felt like God was leading us here. It's been confusing in the midst, seeing little purpose for it, having no friends, community, or church, and dealing with a ridiculously higher cost of living. It didn't "feel" like it made much sense but I've had to trust God's leading. Maybe a little grumpily at times, but hey, we have no plans of running away from this.

And thank you God for putting us by the ocean. It's like a love letter to my soul.

<3 Kristina


  1. I love the honesty here. And I love how beautiful south Florida is. And that God gave you mango trees. And that AirTran flies direct and cheap from ATL to Ft Lauderdale. :) Also, I think it's awesome that you called up a blog friend and turned it into a real-life friendship. That's like a blog dream come true!! :) Love you, friend. Proud of you for persevering.

  2. i love you girl. I'm glad to hear that your new little town has made a promising first impression. I can't wait to come and visit sometime soon. seriously. xoxox

  3. I have definitely been there with the feelings of desire for deeper relationships. Young motherhood is especially hard when they aren't others to share it with. I still feel the sting of loneliness and Emma will be 5, this month. Praying for deep and meaningful relationships for you and your family.

  4. I know this feeling. We have some grand adventures coming our way as well. Hugs.

  5. I feel like you just put my heart into words with this post. We moved while I was pregnant to nowhere, middle GA. (It's exhausting to do while pregnant!) I always imagined motherhood with lots of other mamas & babies around. However, it's just me and the babe (with no beach)! God is good and has been gracious in teaching me a lot about myself, parenting, and marriage, but a good girlfriend would be nice! I pray you will find lots of new friendships & community in the new place. (On a side note, I watched James on the Price is Right the other day. Tate told me all about it while we were watching a current episode. I cracked up the whole time!) :)

  6. I feel you girl. I moved almost 3 hours away from my family when I got married and now we are planning to move even more south... While I'm excited for the change it's hard to be away from good friends and family. I hope you find your new home to be just what you need :)


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