Monday, June 18, 2012

A Taste of Home.

Hey ya'll! I have the first part of our house tour ready for you. Mandy from She Breathes Deeply is doing a home tour feature, and today is my house! Our playroom and Adoration's bedroom are shown and I answer some questions on designing on a budget. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Girl.

these photos were from about a month ago. She's already changed so much since then! 

Our sweet Adoration Joy, turned two today. Last night, laying in bed, I held back the tears at the flood of emotion. Thankfulness, amazement at being the mommy of this wonderful little person, and bittersweet emotions of babyhood passing into little girlhood.

Knowing that this would be the first birthday Adoration would possibly remember, I wanted it to be special and full of the things she loves. We opted against a party since we still don't know many people and it would feel more like having a play date than a party, so we just made it special mommy-daddy time. Yesterday we took her to her favorite place in the whole world...the Zoo. We've been to some smaller zoos a bunch of times, but we pulled out the big guns and took her to the Miami Zoo. She LOVED every second of it. And I still hear her having little conversations with her stuffed animals about her day at the zoo. 

Today, her birthday, we took her to a little pool/kiddie water park. The girl is a fish and would go to the pool every day if she could. After nap time, we had balloons, a special strawberry dessert, and the singing of "Happy Birthday" and the blowing out of candles (which we then repeated about 3 more times since she loved it so much. "Mo  birfday song??" ) Part of me was sad that we couldn't have a big party with all the people we love, but seeing how much Adoration enjoyed every possible second of her two day birthday celebration made it all better. 

And this little one sure is proud of being two. "How old are you Adoration?" "I'm TWO years owld!" she exclaims, struggling to hold up her fingers the right way with the biggest smile on her face. Yes you are two, baby girl. You sure are. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning at Home: Book Inspired Activities, Part I.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate activities into my daughter's schedule is through books. We go to the library every week and get a stash of new books. There is always one book that Adoration gravitates to the most out of our selection. I like to use that book to pull an activity or learning concept for her for the week. Our most recent selection was "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse," by Eric Carle. Adoration LOVES Erik Carle books. So much so, that I'm thinking of developing her home library collection of them (we only own "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

"The Artist Who Painted the Blue Horse, " is one of my personal Erik Carle favorites. In the book, each page has a different animal portrayed in an unexpected unusual color and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Using this book as inspiration, we focused on "colors" for the week, emphasizing the color "blue." And Adoration painted her very own blue horse as an activity, now proudly displayed in her playroom.

Activity: Paint a Blue Horse
Learning: the color "blue."

Supplies:* heavy duty paper (such as cardsstock.)
             * blue paint ( I squirted out two different shades of blue, and a dollop of white for Adoration to     experiment with.)
               *a horse template (if you aren't so good at drawing, or you could just free hand draw a horse out. to  find a template just google "horse template" and you'll find various selections you can print out.)
               *paint brushes
               * an easel or piece of cardboard to tape horse to.

Prep: Either draw or use horse template to trace out a horse onto heavy duty paper. Cut it out. Tape it to an easel or a piece of cardboard (this is what we did.)

Before I had Adoration do the activity, we read the book. Then I told her that she was going to paint her very own "blue horse." We did this activity outside (for mess purposes.) I stripped Adoration down to her diaper, squirted the paint out onto a plate and let her go to town.

I encouraged her to paint on the horse. I emphasized that she was painting a "blue horse" like in the book. She ditched the paintbrushes and used her hands to spread the paint all over the horse. I think the result turned out quite beautiful.

Now whenever we read the book, she talks about how she painted her own blue horse. "I paint bwue horse!!"


Monday, June 11, 2012

Settling In

We are settling into our new home. Our current house is a little, 1950's house. It's really cute (though I wish it had wood floors. People in Florida are obsessed with having tile floors.) It's the perfect size for us, with cozy rooms. My favorite part is having a den right off the living room. We have turned it into a play room for Adoration. Her room in this house is teeny, with just enough room for a crib, her dresser, and closet-turned cozy hide away/reading nook.  So it's nice to have another space designated for play. She prefers to play around the main living space anyways. This den is perfect because it's connected to the living room but you step down into it. Our living room stays clutter free, because she actually keeps her toys in the playroom. I would love to have something similar in any future home we may have. 
We are renting this house, but in December we will start looking for a house to buy, and hopefully moving in by next June. Renting in South Florida is atrociously expensive. Like....we calculated what we pay for rent, if it were a 30 year mortgage and it would be like a $300,000 or $400,000 house. And the best that rental price gets us is a little house in a spotty neighborhood.We are not that rich! The cost of rent is really pushing our budget. But it was either that or straight up, living in the ghetto. Right now, buying in South Florida is much more economical. So time to buy. We wanted to move down here and get to know the area first before we made that kind of decision. Plus we didn't have the time to do a house search with our moving time frame.  
But for now, this is our little home. I like to make a place feel like home as soon as possible, even when I know it will be temporary. I could never live with boxes around. I like things to have their place and pictures to be up on the wall, and all the things that make a house feel like home to be settled. I've been taking some photos around the house as we've gotten things together, so I'll have a house tour on here soon. For now, enjoy the snippets! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach. Birthday. Belly.

Fact: I feel 100% more comfortable in a bikini when I'm pregnant 
than when I'm not. Like, I don't have to worry about tummy rolls or feeling like I have 
squishy midsection or sucking in, cause I mean, there is a baby in there. 
Your belly is supposed to poke out. ;) 

In the middle of all our unpacking craziness, I turned 29. Gulp. That is almost 30! I can't
believe I am almost 30. I made myself not do any unpacking or organizing on my day and hubby let me sleep in. We hit up the beach for a little bit and a friend and her toddler daughter met us there and we had the yummiest dinner at a restaurant that reminded me of Athens, Ga. It was low key and lovely. Not to mention, I've been getting lots of birthday packages in the mail. I have the best long distance friends ever. Gifts in the mail are the BEST and it makes me feel so, so loved. Yay birthday! 

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is flying by! I feel like I am so busy with Adoration and moving that I don't quite feel as in tune with my body. Like all the pregnancy updates people give I don't even know how to answer. Cravings? Umm...I try to remember to eat. Symptoms? I'm usually so tired by the end of the day I have no clue if my symptoms are from being pregnant or just exhausted. Baby's size? the right size. Which is some kind of fruit. Next doctor's appointment? I don't know! I have to find a new doctor because we just moved! You get the picture.  

I am feeling little one move around a lot which is my favorite. It really is so amazing. And yes, 
we know the baby's sex. ;) I'll be announcing it on the blog soon. Any guesses? 

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