Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Girl.

these photos were from about a month ago. She's already changed so much since then! 

Our sweet Adoration Joy, turned two today. Last night, laying in bed, I held back the tears at the flood of emotion. Thankfulness, amazement at being the mommy of this wonderful little person, and bittersweet emotions of babyhood passing into little girlhood.

Knowing that this would be the first birthday Adoration would possibly remember, I wanted it to be special and full of the things she loves. We opted against a party since we still don't know many people and it would feel more like having a play date than a party, so we just made it special mommy-daddy time. Yesterday we took her to her favorite place in the whole world...the Zoo. We've been to some smaller zoos a bunch of times, but we pulled out the big guns and took her to the Miami Zoo. She LOVED every second of it. And I still hear her having little conversations with her stuffed animals about her day at the zoo. 

Today, her birthday, we took her to a little pool/kiddie water park. The girl is a fish and would go to the pool every day if she could. After nap time, we had balloons, a special strawberry dessert, and the singing of "Happy Birthday" and the blowing out of candles (which we then repeated about 3 more times since she loved it so much. "Mo  birfday song??" ) Part of me was sad that we couldn't have a big party with all the people we love, but seeing how much Adoration enjoyed every possible second of her two day birthday celebration made it all better. 

And this little one sure is proud of being two. "How old are you Adoration?" "I'm TWO years owld!" she exclaims, struggling to hold up her fingers the right way with the biggest smile on her face. Yes you are two, baby girl. You sure are. 

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  1. So sorry we missed it and can't wait to see ya'll. With lots of hugs and love, Gma Mary


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