Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning at Home: Book Inspired Activities, Part I.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate activities into my daughter's schedule is through books. We go to the library every week and get a stash of new books. There is always one book that Adoration gravitates to the most out of our selection. I like to use that book to pull an activity or learning concept for her for the week. Our most recent selection was "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse," by Eric Carle. Adoration LOVES Erik Carle books. So much so, that I'm thinking of developing her home library collection of them (we only own "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

"The Artist Who Painted the Blue Horse, " is one of my personal Erik Carle favorites. In the book, each page has a different animal portrayed in an unexpected unusual color and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Using this book as inspiration, we focused on "colors" for the week, emphasizing the color "blue." And Adoration painted her very own blue horse as an activity, now proudly displayed in her playroom.

Activity: Paint a Blue Horse
Learning: the color "blue."

Supplies:* heavy duty paper (such as cardsstock.)
             * blue paint ( I squirted out two different shades of blue, and a dollop of white for Adoration to     experiment with.)
               *a horse template (if you aren't so good at drawing, or you could just free hand draw a horse out. to  find a template just google "horse template" and you'll find various selections you can print out.)
               *paint brushes
               * an easel or piece of cardboard to tape horse to.

Prep: Either draw or use horse template to trace out a horse onto heavy duty paper. Cut it out. Tape it to an easel or a piece of cardboard (this is what we did.)

Before I had Adoration do the activity, we read the book. Then I told her that she was going to paint her very own "blue horse." We did this activity outside (for mess purposes.) I stripped Adoration down to her diaper, squirted the paint out onto a plate and let her go to town.

I encouraged her to paint on the horse. I emphasized that she was painting a "blue horse" like in the book. She ditched the paintbrushes and used her hands to spread the paint all over the horse. I think the result turned out quite beautiful.

Now whenever we read the book, she talks about how she painted her own blue horse. "I paint bwue horse!!"


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  1. I love the idea of letting her cue you on the next direction you'll take by waiting to see which book she gravitates towards. :)


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