Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy or Girl???

Well, there you go folks! I didn't intentionally wait this long to give the reveal. Nor did I have some have extravagant reveal plan that was holding me up or anything. It started off as just procrastination and at least wanting some non-instagram pictures of the bump. Then it was kind of fun keeping it mainly between our little family for a bit. But I'm in my third trimester now, so we figured it was time.

We are super excited about Baby Boy. I think, at first, both me and James were wanting a girl a little more, because we wanted a sister for Adoration. But since we've found out we have been over the moon. I know this little man will bring a whole new wonderful dynamic (wardrobe and toy selection included) into this family. We are so thankful.


  1. Yay! Congrats! Boys are so much fun :)

  2. Well, even though I have known for awhile, I am still super excited for a boy!! Also, I am jealous that your hair is super long but still looks cute-- my hair is becoming super long, but I think I look like a Sister Wife. Ummm...not so cute.

    1. ha...it's kinda of unintentionally become super long. I always wear it half up or on top of my head because it's lost a lot of body all the way down. I'm glad you think it looks cute because I was def. thinking it was looking a little Sister Wife!

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations! :) God bless your growing family!

  4. Congratulations! Boys sure are different, but special in their own way. :)

  5. You look beautiful, I love that thrifty skirt, and those Sister Wife comments made me crack up.

  6. congrats! i'm also having a little boy and just a few weeks ahead of ya! its all very exciting, isn't it? ;) xoxo


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