Friday, July 6, 2012

Learning at Home: Book Inspired Activities, Part II.

Our main book for this week was Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr.  It's a beautiful book and at the end it has all the illustrations of the different caterpillars featured in the book and the butterfly/moth the caterpillar transforms into.  We checked out some science books on butterflies and caterpillars from the library as well. Not so much to read (targeted for older children) but for Adoration to thumb through. She loves looking at pictures of the real things. 

Here are some activities we tied into our caterpillar/butterfly theme:

1) Painted a water color, coffee filter butterfly:
I accordion folded two coffee filters and cinched them in the middle with a pipe cleaner to make a butterfly. I curled the ends of the pipe cleaners for the antennae. 

Then I let Adoration go to town painting the butterfly with watercolor paint. We ended up making about three more of those this particular week, she loved it so much! You could also have your child paint the filters before making them into a butterfly, but I wanted Adoration to know what she was painting. She kept saying , "I paint Buttafry!" 

2) Made a caterpillar collage:
I just put a trail of glue on a piece of foam (or cardstock) and let Adoration place the pom poms onto the glue. This is a great way to encourage small motor skills as well. 

3) Played with play dough, making "caterpillars."  
We rolled out caterpillars and counted them as we made them.

4) Water color painted a caterpillar:
On a piece of card stock, I drew a caterpillar with crayon. Adoration painted the caterpillar with watercolors. After it was dry, I scraped the crayon away, leaving a picture of the caterpillar underneath the paint. 

5) Went on a caterpillar hunt in the backyard (you could also go on a butterfly hunt.): 
And we found one! Which was very exciting to Adoration. 

During all these activities, we talked about how caterpillars make cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies. I also told Adoration that just like God turns caterpillars into beautiful butterflies, He makes us beautiful too. ;)  

I had also wanted to take her to a butterfly garden we have nearby, but haven't had the chance yet. She pretty much has caterpillars and butterflies on the brain now though after this week, so I'm sure it will be just as exciting whenever we go. 


  1. ah. you are so amazing. <3 <3 <3

  2. you are such an amazing mommy!!! You have inspired me, you are really good at that;)

  3. You are such an amazing mommy!! you inspire me, you are really good at that;)

  4. perfect crafts for perfect books.


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