Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Progression, an Update, a Name.

A self-portrait progression of the pregnancy. I started these when I just started showing and meant to take one every week (ahem.) Well, the every week thing has been a little spotty. Mostly cause I feel so cheesy taking pictures of myself in the mirror and you know, I'm busy. 

I've felt pretty good this pregnancy. Not just physically, but mentally I think, especially when it comes to body image. It's hard for a girl (or me) watching that scale go up every week. My weight gain hasn't been all that different from my last pregnancy. I think I've gained a couple of less pounds, but then I also started off a couple of pounds lighter. Apparently those couple of pounds make a big difference on someone who is 5'5 because clothes fit sooo much differently this time around. I can wear pants now that I couldn't fit into around this time last pregnancy. Also I think the weight is distributed differently, less all over, and more belly.(I still gain all over some. I will never be one of those girls with the super skinny arms and legs and the cute basketball in the front. c'est la vie.)  Either way, I feel better about myself and physically (no swelling this time.)  Ironically, I have exercised like NONE this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Adoration, I was walking 3+ miles, swimming lots and lots of laps, and doing yoga. Apparently taking care of a two year old is a full body work out because I feel like she takes up all my possible time and energy. 

Hmm...other pregnancy updates ( people even care about this stuff?) 
This baby is starting to keep me up at night.
I feel like I'm useless unless I take at least 30 min. nap in the middle of the day.
I crave peaches, like whoa.
And that's all I can think of right now. 

Oh and this baby boy? You want to know his name?

Asa Trust.   

"Asa" means healer (and is one of the OT Kings over Judah.)  

"Trust" because we feel like that is our season as a family, and that this baby will carry trust and with that, peace. 

And no, we did not name both our babies "A" names on purpose. We actually wanted to avoid that, but then that was the name we liked for baby boy. But if we have a third at some point, they will most assuredly have a name starting with a different letter. ;) 


  1. Beautiful name!!! Love the meaning behind it too ! :-)God bless!

  2. You look beautiful, girl. And I looooove the name. So perfect.

  3. great name! it's very similar to the name we have in mind for our boy...and it's also a biblical A name :)

  4. So beautiful, you and the name. It's getting close, praying for you!

  5. I love Asa Trust so much. I can't think of a more perfect name for this boy.

  6. So I'll be the first guy to say that I love the name and am so glad for you and James! Beautiful.

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