Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet as Pie.

This little girl. I love her so much.

Two is such a fun age because so much personality comes out...and boy, does this girl have it! Our Adoration, she is sweet as pie and the friendliest little person. She's always walking up to people, both children and adults, saying "hi!" and chatting them up.  Shy, she is not. She is extremely affectionate, generous with her hugs and kisses. She will usually want to hug a "fwiend" she just met, or walk around holding their hands. She just turned two June16th, but she has the vocabulary and verbal skills of a three year old. She speaks in complete sentences, paragraphs, and entire stories! She uses words like beautiful, delicious, and frustrated. She is quite the ham ( like her daddy) always being silly and eating up the attention of the masses. She is also extremely gentle and is sensitive to the needs and emotions of those around her.

We say that she is a "go-go" girl because she is not much of a homebody. She is pretty good at entertaining herself and is very imaginative, but she prefers to always be on the go, seeing new things, going new places, doing interactive activities, and being around people. I try really hard to make sure our days meet her need for such high levels of stimulation and interaction. Its getting harder as my pregnancy progresses and I'm nervous how it will go with a new baby. But I'm sure we will find our groove. I'll probably be exhausted, but we will find it. ;)

Adoration's favorite things right now:

*mum-mum and daddy. (She recently has started calling me mum-mum instead of mama. It's like she's combining mama and mommy. I'll take it.)
*"fwiends," which she considers to be everybody. But the ones she frequently mentions by name (Hrissy (a bulgarian name,) Mar-row, and Lee-ya (Ailiyah).
* snuggling.
* her monkey.
* tea parties
* the tunnel slide
* the pool and swimming in the waves in the ocean. "Here come the wapes!!"
* painting. She prefers watercolors.
* books, books, books and the library.
* singing, dancing, and twirling.
* talking
* helping mama cook.
* Curious George.

Dear Adoration,

 I so treasure being your mama that sometimes I don't think my heart can contain the gratefulness.

Me and your daddy, we love you so much and are always so proud of you. Nothing can change that. And we just know that you are going to be the best big sister!

your Mama.


  1. I LOVE her name. How did u pick it?

    1. Thank you! We love it too. :) basically, my mom's name is Adoracion (the spanish word for Adoration,) so that is where we got the idea for it. I explain how we chose her name a little more in depth in this post:

  2. Awww...sweet baby girl looks so grown up!! Bring her to Athens soon so she can spend time with her Auntie Erika!

  3. aaaah!!!! Kristina! she is soooooo beautiful i can't stand it!!!!!!! *tears* she is such a big girl! i looooove these pictures you took of her! gorgeous!!! i wish i could squeeze her!!!! <3

  4. Adoration and I share a birthday! :)


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