Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Cozy, Little Home: Living Room

Here is a peek into our current residence: a cozy, little 1950's house. We will be in this house until May. Then things are a bit up in the air. We are ready to buy for economical reasons...but also to be settled in a home for the next couple of years of our lives...but we aren't quite sure what state that will be in yet. ;)

For now this little house is our home. It is by no means perfect. It has little bedrooms, one teeny bathroom, and closets the size of my pocket. And the real dishwasher. Which causes me no end of frustration until, inevitably the thought of children in India sleeping in vegetable crates or African children scavenging through dumps, or the memory of a homeless pregnant woman pan handling on the highway in my very own town pops into my head as I'm cursing dishes.  And the cursing turns to thanksgiving because when thoughts like that pop into your head, how can I not be thankful for my abundance??

But this house... it is charming, cozy, and sweet. And being inside it just feels good to me. Sometimes, when we sit around our kitchen table, in front of the big window, I imagine a 1950's family eating dinner. The thought always makes me smile. I have a feeling this little house will always hold a dear place in my heart, because such precious memories are being made here. 

On to the tour:
This is our living room. I'm not quite sure how to describe my style but I guess I would say I like things to feel fresh,light, airy, and uncluttered. I like things a little on the rustic side and I'm drawn to pretty, beachy colors. Sometimes I desire a little more edge, but I think deep down, I'm just more of a romantic, southern girl at heart. For example, I originally wanted some edgy, modern fabric for throw pillows, and ended up getting a water color inspired floral. Not edgy at all. But it was pretty and apparently my heart just wanted pretty.

There are always little changes I am wanting to make decorating wise, but I am pretty anti-hoarder, and with all our moving, we've kept our furniture and decor to a minimum. Sometimes when thrifting, I'll see a really cool chair or interesting frames that I end up passing over because they would have no where to live. Or because replacing something we already have just doesn't warrant the expense. But I would love to add a pop of bright, punchy pink via some throw pillows for the couch. ;)  The walls are this light lemon yellow color, and I really wish they were white....or a light dove grey. But oh well, they are neutral enough. We've done the paint the whole rental thing before and when it was time to move out and had to paint it all back, I wanted to shoot myself. 




IMG_0950 IMG_0960



Well, that's the living room!

You can find the first part our our home tour on Mandy's blog, She Breathes Deeply.  Featured, are the playroom and Adoration's room. We've made some changes since. We moved the flokati rug into our living room. We got a low pile rug, better suited for playing. And it was only $20! Which is a great price point for a play rug if you ask me! And we added a rocker to Adoration's room.

New rug in playroom:


We also added this little table in a previously empty corner:


I was on the look out for the perfect pink rocker to go in Adoration's room. And I found a vintage, velvet rocker for a steal. Here it is, in it's new home:


Next up on the tour....our dining nook. Stay tuned!


  1. HELLO Beauregard baby!!! I love seeing all of your familiar furniture remixed in each new space. :) So do you find yourself missing the land of 1000 mirrors?? ;)

  2. I have that gray rug!! I am in love with gray. I would paint my whole house gray if I could. People tell me that sounds like a dungeon but I feel like gray is so airy and light. We don't have the time or money to paint every room in the new house, though, so we had to narrow it down. The bedrooms and living room are a neutral beige so we are just going to leave them. Such is life :p

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