Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY: Cupcake Liner Garland

cupcake PicMonkey Collage

Okay, so this is such an easy and cheap DIY. We added a little table to Adoration's playroom and that corner just needed something to spruce it up a bit. I knew I wanted to do a garland and I knew I wanted it to be easy. It dawned on me, staring at the colored cupcake liners in the baking section of Target, that they would make a really pretty garland. Now I am sure that this has been done before (as is everything, right?) but it was the first time I had ever thought of it/seen it. I think cupcake liner garlands would make such great party decorations. You can find so many different patterned/colored liners out there or I even like the idea of the simple white and metallic for a grown-up party...or you know...for just because. 

What you need:
cupcake liners
(I used embroidery thread because it's what I had, but any kind of string would do. )
glue stick.

Fold the cupcake liners in half over the string.
Glue in the middle to hold in place.
Hang it up.
....and you're done! 

Other ideas:
Have your child watercolor paint white liners....artwork AND a garland!
Dip dye for an ombre effect (cause ombre is so hot right now.) 

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  1. So easy and so cute!! I will have to do this for my daughter's room.


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