Friday, September 14, 2012

School Time!

     We have been having more intentional "learning time" around here.  Adoration is two, and I feel like that is the age where they can really start grasping more and are able to do more planned kinds of activities. Adoration needs lots of stimulation right now, so I've found having an arsenal of experiences at the ready for her makes life better for both of us. I am not naturally the best planner, preferring to go with the flow, making things up as I go. But children thrive on structure. And I thrive when my daughter is structure it is. We are basically full on doing home school preschool right now. I have the next 10 weeks roughly planned out as far as Adoration's preschool goes. With another baby about to enter the picture, and knowing we will be at home more, I've been motivated to make sure Adoration's days will be stimulating, so I won't be tempted to let her watch Curious George all day long. ;)  She will also be starting a Mother's Day Out Program in October that is one day a week for just about three hours. Mostly for the consistent social experience...and so I can get some laundry done or grocery shopping done. ;)  

These days, after Adoration wakes up, eats breakfast, and is dressed we have what we call "School Time." We go into her playroom and we usually sit at her little table and do a couple of activities. Then read some library books and sing some songs. She gets to pick out a sticker at the end for a job well done. It really doesn't take long at all. After school time, we still have time to get outside and play/go on an outing/ have a play date/run errands or whatever we need to do that day before lunch and nap time.  Adoration LOVES "School Time."  She is excited to do it every day and wears her stickers proudly for the rest of the day. It's pretty adorable. She always wants to show or tell Daddy what she did in school time too.

This year we are mainly focusing on letters/letter recognition/beginning phonics, counting/number recognition, shapes, colors, etc. Adoration has a good grasp on letter recognition and the alphabet, basic shapes, and colors, so we will just be reinforcing those things. But also moving on to more complicated things like lowercase letter recognition, letter sounds, more complicated shapes, color mixing...etc.  She is good at reciting her numbers all the way past 12, but actual number-to-object counting she tends to rush. And recognizing the symbols that go with the numbers is pretty new to her so we will focus a lot on that this year. And all through games, playing, puzzles, and fun activities that she enjoys. I don't push her and if she doesn't like something or is over it we just move on to something else. 

Aside from the basics, I'll have weekly themes for her, with corresponding library books that we will read. With the themes I will plan corresponding activities/art/games/ etc.  The plan is to post our lesson plan after we have completed it, so any one can use it, pull from it, or get ideas. I'm not sure how on top of it I will be with posting it to the blog...but I will do my best. ;) 

A peek into some of our recent activities:

Practicing letter recognition. "Adoration what letter is this??"
"Dat's an X!" 

Inspired by a book, Adoration wanted her daddy to help her reach for the moon.

A shape game, counting squares, an object permanence game, and coloring/stickers.

Practicing her hopping skills. 

Painting a birdhouse.....and her entire hand.

A color sorting game.

Counting with gummy bears/number recognition, the letter "C," and super
excited about School Time.

A sneak peak into our lesson plan for next week.


  1. Love this post! Ethan is only 14 months but I've been busy looking for fun school ideas or educational things to make/do with him at home, and you have some great ones! I love the color sorter.

  2. Wow! This is impressive...and inspiring! I've been "stealing" your ideas as you share them...with my 18 month old. And I've been able to expand a few;) I really appreciate all the creativity you share!!! I've been pondering what type of letters to buy..thought ones w/o magnets may be best. What do you recommend?

    1. We have magnet letters....but really any kind would do. Foam bathtub letters would be great. I even use trader joes's alphabet cookies for letters sometimes..

  3. LOVE this post. Your blog always has good ideas/activities for toddlers. My little girl is going to be 2 soon, and I'd like to do this at home too, so if you DO end up being able to post your lesson plans, I'll for sure be using them too. I know how it is balancing a newborn/toddler though (my youngest is 4.5 months now), so totally understandable if you don't have as much time on your hands! But thanks again for sharing :) Blessings w/ your birth upcoming birth experience.

    1. Thank you! I will do my best to post my lesson plans as we go.


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