Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Change of Seasons


     It's finally starting to cool down here in South Florida. I do yearn for a true Autumn, where the leaves of the trees all catch fire and the air is crisp and sweet.  But I am not a lover of cold, and autumn always seems so short hailing in winter with it's cold and dark.

Here the seasons change more subtly. Fall in South Florida is a final exhale of summer heat. Giving way to strong breezes and ocean swells, the surfers and kiters come out to play. When winter is striking other places and people start complaining, it is perfect here. The temperature hovers around 70, and conversely, winter here is my favorite season. There are many things about South Florida that do not agree with me, but the weather is not one of them! 

The past couple of days I have felt a change in the air. Summer seems to be ebbing away. The air is moving. It's a new season in our family as well. We have grown...our love has grown. Our new little one has brought such a stillness and a peace to my heart. I am reveling in the simplicity. There are more changes for us on the horizon, but I can honestly say, this season is so very sweet. 







  1. We were at the beach this evening, too -- Delray! The surfers were out a lot -- more than I remember seeing in a while! Loving this weather right now. Hoping it stays.

  2. I have the same Maya wrap- in the same color! The only thing that would calm Anna down when she had colic. Love it.

  3. I just got caught up on your blog. I miss you! Love your photography, by the way. It's really beautiful.


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