Monday, January 7, 2013

Away We Go.


* I wrote this post before we moved, but didn't have a chance to post it before we disconnected our Internet. But I figured I would just go ahead and post it late.

      Currently, our house is in quite the disarray, boxes packed and halfway packed. There are no Christmas decorations, no tree, no stalkings. We are moving on Thursday to Jacksonville. In the last year and a half we have moved from Charlotte to South Florida, then to even farther South Florida, and now we will move to Jacksonville. Have you seen the movie, "Away We Go?"  In the movie, Mya Rudolph's character becomes pregnant. Her and the father of the child, embark on a journey to find the place where they will plant their family. They travel to different destinations hoping to find "home." They end up returning to the home where Mya's character spent her childhood. They place they call home in the movie is what feels like parts of oak trees, rivers, orange trees, and spanish moss. It's beautiful.
      I feel like our little family has been on it's own "Away We Go" adventure. It was really hard leaving Charlotte. It was a place that had grown to feel like home, mostly because of the incredible friendships I had there. I still mourn not having close proximity to those friendships and my heart aches at the thought of my children not growing up around those precious friends and their children. Yet, somehow, we knew that it was our time to leave Charlotte, that we would not be planted there. So we took a chance.
      South Florida never felt like a very good fit for us as a family, but not knowing what the future held I cried, and prayed, hoped, and tried to remain in a place of contentment. But taking that chance led to growth in my faith and trust of the Lord, a couple of friendships that will remain with me, our family's bond growing stronger , and a journey of healing for my heart in a time of turmoil.  And ultimately, a job promotion for my husband leading us to Jacksonville, the place our family will call home for this next season of our lives.
      And I am ready. I am ready to live in the land of grand-daddy oak trees and spanish moss, river and ocean, city and southern culture. To be a drive away instead of a plane-ride away from loved ones. To sink our roots in nice and deep, and grow this family. 


  1. I am so happy you're merely a car ride away, too!! Yaaaay! Plus just thinking of Jax reminds me of our fun trips to GA/FL and the beach for Spring Break...good times. We must come visit soon!!

  2. Away We Go is my favorite! Actually, the reason it feels like Jacksonville in the movie is because it wasn't filmed far -- it was filmed in Lake County, specifically the city of Leesburg, about 40 minutes from Orlando. It's funny, the first time I saw the film, I said "I know that place!" My parents have a lake home right down the street and I waited for the end credits and, sure enough, it was Leesburg. This sounds so crazy but I had looked up a few of the set crew members on Facebook (who went to Full Sail, in Orlando!) and asked about the location. One gave me the address and I got to drive by the house, which was all roped off with no trespassing signs. It was just as beautiful in real life as in the movie. The address was really cute, too, like Sunnyside Street or Sunnyside Trail, something with Sunnyside!

    I know I only introduced myself recently (how did I never realize you were in South Florida until recently?) and I'm sad we never got to meet while you were here, but I hope you do find home in Jacksonville! South Florida is a strange place -- I've lived here my whole life, born and raised by parents who were also born and raised here -- but I love it and love growing our roots here. There's nothing like finding HOME. I hope you guys are able to find it soon. <3 <3


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